Sleeping Entirely Through the Night

We are lucky in that Roo has always been a relatively good sleeper. At her nine month check up, her pediatrician said that she could be sleeping through the night. However, it wasn’t until about two and a half weeks ago that I stopped getting up in the night with her.

She had only been waking once around 4am to nurse but then she woke up three days in a row twice in the night. At that point, I said enough. We aren’t going backwards.

MH went in to comfort her. It was a rough couple of nights. By the third night, he stopped going in. By the fifth night, she only woke up briefly to cry and then went back to sleep. Now, she doesn’t even wake up to cry.

I love it! But, can someone please tell me why I’m still so tired?! Am I still catching up on lack of sleep? I feel like I should feel better but I don’t. Yet.