NT Scan Update and Catching Up

The past week or so has been nuts.  There’s so much to update you on that I don’t know where to start.  So, I’ll start with the most important part: the NT scan.

Yesterday, I was 12w2d and our NT scan was scheduled.  I was scared.  Actually, I was terrified.  I thought for sure that the baby had died and that we would get awful news.  I spent most of the day keeping busy to keep my mind from wandering too “that place” and then went and picked up MH at the office (we have one car) and headed over to the imaging center.  My nausea was getting the best of me but maybe it was also my nerves.  But, my bladder was also so full that I was focusing on not needing to pee all over myself LOL.

As soon as the tech had me lay on the table, I blurted out how terrified I was feeling.  She was so awesome and reassuring.  As soon as the probe found the baby, I held my breath and not a millisecond later the baby was bouncing all around.  It was incredible!  If the baby moving around has any correlation (which I don’t think really is true) than it’s no wonder that I’m suffering from such nausea.  The little one was so active that the tech had a hard time getting the measurements that she needed to get!  But after about 35 minutes she got all of the measurements and declared our baby was looking good!

Heart beat: 176 bpm
NT results: .9mm thickness (anything 3mm or below is normal)

What a relief!  We left with a few pictures on a disk that I’ll blur out soon and post.  The baby has grown so much that I’m shocked but very happy!  We finally feel like we can share this with our family and friends.

I had my second (12 week) OB appointment this morning.  She did a PAP smear and asked me how things are going.  I really love her.  She is really open and friendly – I feel like I can ask her about anything and I don’t feel dumb or talked down to.  I told her about my nausea and she prescribed Zofran for me to try to help cut the nausea so I can eat a little better.  Has anyone else taken it?  Does it help bring your appetite back?  I sure hope it does!  (Updated: my doctor dad says to try to not take it as it has not been proven safe in women who are pregnant; so I might only take it if absolutely necessary).

I missed my 11 week update, when our little one was the size of a lime.  Like I said, things have been really busy.  I partially was starting to feel better but I also wasn’t feeling better.  So when I was feeling better, I was taking advantage and getting some things done and then when I was feeling unwell, I was really feeling nauseated and was on the sofa 🙂

I’ll do a 12 week update later this week…

But, in other news, please keep your fingers crossed for us on a different front: last night almost right after our u/s, MH and I put an offer on a gorgeous craftsman home in the city and we are waiting to hear back on our offer!  We are super excited because it is a home that we can live in until our little one(s) head to college or even beyond!