Unofficial Crawler in the House!

Our little girl is growing up so fast. I credit the eye surgery. She has made so many developmental strides over the last month. It’s incredible.

The largest one is she is starting to crawl. About 10 or so days ago (10 months old), she started to push her legs under her belly and push forward. Then she started to incorporate arm movement. She now does what I think is considered an army crawl. It is so cute! I will try to post a video.

She is also a full-fledged sitter. She can sit unassisted for any period of time. She gets out of sitting and onto her belly without help and has learned not to throw herself backwards because mama isn’t always behind her 🙂 The next lesson will be how to get into the seated position without help. I have no idea how this happens and can’t wait to learn how it is done. I’m sure our therapist will show us how it’s done!

Roo is also starting to pull herself up by reaching as high as she can to get to anything she wants – she has discovered electrical outlets. Thank goodness for early child proofing! It is only a matter of time before we have to lower her crib to the next level. It is fun having a mobile child.

She is so much more tolerant of me leaving her to play by herself. I think she can now see and so she knows that she’s ok and that I’m close by. It is so much easier to get things done!! She can be on her own for 10-15 minutes before she wants me to come for a snuggle but I will take it! It’s way better than than two minutes before.

I’m starting to actually enjoy being a mom. The delight and joy is starting to be a daily experience instead of just every once in a while.