We’re on team….

First, the ultrasound was wonderful.  Roo is doing so well and has grown so very much – pretty much tripled in size since our last ultrasound.  All the body parts, organs and everything were how they were supposed to be.  I was nervous like usual when we first went in.  So nervous that my bladder was extra full and I had to empty it before the ultrasound a bit.  She asked me to hold a little in and I tried but not sure if I was really able but everything worked out fine.  I think I get worried that something will have happened to Roo since the last ultrasound but…there was nothing to worry about at all!  We saw all four chambers of the heart functioning perfectly and it was a great relief.

When we walked into the room, I pulled out our envelope with a piece of paper in it and asked her to write down Roo’s sex if she could tell and seal it up without telling us.  At the end of the anatomy scan, she said that she was going to look for the gender and to turn our heads if we didn’t want to see.  We did!

As soon as we left, we were giddy.  We both felt a huge sense of relief that this scan went as well as it did.  We also felt giddy because in my bag I had the envelope containing a secret that would change our lives 🙂

We headed over to the Baby Gap and had to waste some time at a coffee shop before the store opened.  I was jittery and anxious to get into the store.  We only waited about 15 minutes but it was seriously the longest 15 minutes in my life!

We both chose some outfits that we each liked and narrowed it down.  We ended up with a really cute little boy’s outfit that we both selected and a little girl’s dress that MH chose – totally not appropriate for a newborn but that’s OK.  The cashier was really nice and went along with our plan to open the envelope and read what we are having a package up the corresponding outfit.  MH and I checked out some more clothes for fun – he was really cute and said that he was glad we didn’t know yet because he knew that I’d go nuts shopping right away!

Once we had our very special gift to ourselves in hand, we got back in our car and drove to a quiet spot sitting under a beautiful blossoming tree and opened the box.  Inside was…

A really cute dress 🙂

We are having a GIRL!  Team pink all the way!!!


Baby Dreams While Pregnant

Up until last night, I’ve always dreamed of finding out the sex of Roo but wake up right before we find out.  Last night/early this morning, I finally had a dream with a conclusion.  I dreamed that we are having a girl!

In about two hours, we find out.  We’re going to have the tech write it on a piece of paper and put it into an envelope.  After, MH and I are going to Baby Gap, we’ll choose one baby boy outfit and one baby girl outfit and have the cashier look in the envelope, box up what we’re having and then wrap it.  (This is an idea, I “stole” from one of you and I can’t remember who now. Thank you to whoever you are 🙂

I’m so excited!!!

So, stay tuned.  I’ll let you all know what we’re having before the end of the day.

Any guesses from you all?!