A Love Letter to Roo: 17 Months Old

My darling little girl,

Next month is a big milestone (you’ll be one and a half) for you and I’m so excited but this month has been an exciting one for you.  It is the month that you truly became mobile (on two feet).  Everything is going so fast for you and you’re growing up.  I almost feel like you’re not a preemie anymore and that is exciting to me!

About a month ago, we were at the pumpkin patch and you sat there among the pumpkins like a queen reigning over her kingdom.  If we took you there now, you would not just sit there, you would crawl everywhere and pull yourself up to stand  on anything in sight.  That’s what it is like in our house right now.  You don’t want to sit, you want to stand.  You stand up for everything.  You pull yourself on the walls, on the glass door, on closed doors.  It’s so much fun!  I have to buckle you into your high chair every time now because you like to try to stand there too.  Same in the bathtub.  We will have to stop using your infant tub and get some non-slide stuff for the bottom of your big girl bathtub.

You also have decided that cruising along furniture and the walls is the way to get yourself around.  You still crawl a lot (and you sound like a hippo as you crawl around the house).  You have a purpose and a goal when you’re crawling and you make it known.  How such a tiny little body can make so much noise crawling around, I have no idea, but I LOVE it!  I can hear you crawling around all the way up in my office, on the other side of the house and up a floor from the living room/playroom.

You also have found your voice.  You still only say Mama and Dada clearly but you have hinted at some other words including (according to your grandfather) your own name.  I haven’t heard it so I think he’s getting overly excited.  You have also been known to say Hi and Up (and yes, says your nanny).  You sign very well and say More, All Done, Hi/Bye.  You’re learning to blow kisses and you can sign most of the Itsy Bitsy Spider and like to help when I sing Five Little Ducks (the part when the mama duck says Quack Quack Quack).  It’s fun to see you communicate.

You point to everything that you want and it really helps us.  But, you also throw a mean temper tantrum when you don’t get what you want!  You’re not even two and you know what you want and when you want it!  I’m afraid…very afraid!

I’ve said this before but I will say it again.  You are a very sweet and loving baby.  You love your friends.  You love your parents.  You love your grandparents.  You are starting to really love your nanny.  You LOVE your new best friend, your Kang”Roo”, whom you carry with you everywhere and sleep with at naps and all night long.  You’ve stopped throwing him out of your bed and instead snuggle up all night with him.

This month, your grand (we call my dad, Grand), came for a visit.  You loved him before but this trip, you fell in love with him.  He was your best friend.  Your nanny was here all day during the week but you spent most of your time attached to him.  He loved it and so did you.  While he was here, he was doing work and set up camp in our dining room.  We closed the door between the dining room and the kitchen and when you wanted to see him, you would knock on the door and he would answer.  After he went home, you searched and searched for him, knocking on doors.  It was so sweet.  When we did face.time with him on the phone, you came over and gave him a kiss.  I’m a daddy’s girl and so it warms my heart so much that you two love each other as much as you do!

Your favorite activities are to build block towers and knock them over.  You also love to sit on the sofa and have all of your little friends brought over.  You arrange them around you and snuggle in close with them.  It’s funny because sometimes you point to some not-so cuddly favorites and you still snuggle in with them (like your train or some building blocks).  You crack me up!

This month has been a challenge too.  I signed a new client with a project through the end of the year and it means working almost 40 hours a week.  So the nanny is here those same amount of hours.  You really love her (we have a new one) and it make me happy that you’re comfortable with her.  I can hear you playing and laughing with her downstairs but it is hard to leave you in the morning because I know you want me to be with you.  You snuggle into my shoulder really close and cling on to me.  It breaks my heart.  You hate when I leave the room now even if it’s just to put your clothes in the laundry basket because you’re worried that I’m going to work and not come back for hours.  I know though that you’re happy when I’m gone and well cared for so it helps.  I hope that you’ll appreciate what I do as a working mommy and that you’ll learn to be a strong woman from me too.

I love you bug.  Each day I love you more and more.  My heart could burst with joy and pride.  You grow so much each month.  I’m astounded.  I can’t wait to see what this next month brings to us!

Your always and forever, mama!