A Love Letter to Roo: 14 Months Old

My darling Roo,

I can’t believe that two months have already passed since your first birthday!  In that time, you have blossomed and are becoming a toddler.  You aren’t quite walking yet but you’re getting closer and closer each day.  Just on Friday, you pulled yourself to stand for the first time.  And ever since you love to do so even when you can’t manage to figure out how to sit down out of standing.

You also love to clamber over cushions that we have taken off the sofa.  You are our fearless little adventurer.  You climb up and over going down head first to get back onto the floor.  You bonked your head the first time but have learned how to do it without injuring yourself and haven’t hurt yourself since.  I’m so proud!

You are an official crawler – leaving the army crawl behind for good.  Something just clicked and you realized that crawling on all fours is more efficient!  You’re lightening fast too.  I had the door to the deck off the family room open and you’ve never “wandered” out there before. Grandma is visiting and showed me a picture and I turned around and you were gone.  I peeked out the deck door and there you were stuffing a leaf in your mouth and grinning from ear to ear!  That’s probably not the first or last leaf that you’ll eat.

You’re also becoming more and more vocal.  You’ve said Mom a few more times but not much.  Your second word was Dada.  You said it the most clearly while sitting on your Dada’s lap, which made him grin like the Cheshire Cat!  He was so thrilled!  Words are coming – just slowly and I’m OK with that too.

Everyone is worried about your developmental delays.  Rightly so…but I know you my little girl.  You will meet all of your milestones in your own time.  You’ve proven that to us over and over again since you’ve been born!

You are becoming more comfortable with strangers and large groups.  You love your new babysitter and actually tolerate your baby friends touching you.  Since you’re the smallest, they like to come over and “help” you and “hug” you.  It used to bother you and you would cry but now you let them touch you.  I love that they love you and that you’re letting them take care of you.  It is so sweet.

You are a Mama’s girl through and through.  You always have been and I think you always will be.  I’m hoping that you become more of a daddy’s girl too.  I’m one and it’s worth it.  Daddys are the best.

You’re eating like a big girl now.  It’s been a long journey and we still have ways to go but at least we are getting there.  In the past two weeks, you’ve eaten pork tenderloin, a hamburger, macaroni and cheese, sweet potato fries, lamb.  You’ve chowed down like a rock star and we are both getting more comfortable with the idea of you eating like a big girl!

You’ve also dropped your second nap and are a once a day napper.  It is working out fine after all.  You sleep really well at night and you do pretty well on one nap a day.  I just wish your one nap was a little longer than the one hour that you give us.  Maybe that will get longer as you get more adjusted to this new schedule.  (I hope!).

You’re still as sweet as ever.  I can’t wait to see what life brings us in the next month.

I love you, my little bug,

Your Mama