This morning I called the insurance company to see what the hold up was on their end for the genetic testing to go through. The woman I spoke to was very lovely and spent a long time trying to help me out. She put me on hold forever and it turns out that they haven’t received a request to cover any genetic testing. WTF? She recommended I call Sea.ttle’s Hospital insurance department to see what is going on.

So, I call the hospital’s insurance department to see what the hold up is on their end. It turns out there’s nothing in their file either, so she told me to call the provider. WTFF??  If I could turn purple I would have at that point. I left her a voicemail and sent her an email asking WTF is going on?

I left for lunch.

I returned and had a voicemail from the provider saying:

“The test request wasn’t entered on May 1. But, the DNA banking was done! I’ll put the request in right now with the nurses and ask them to rush the results.”

I’m now 50 shades of purple pissed. I’m really glad that I kept following up because if I hadn’t we would be having this conversation in another 4 weeks and I’d be even more pissed. Do I request a new provider now or later?

I sent her an email back asking when the rushed results would come in.

Tomorrow, we meet with the pediatric endocrinologist. I’m going to speak up with my disappointment and see what they recommend.

Have you had a similar experience?

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