Insurance Shminsurance

We’re still waiting on the genetic testing to get approved by our insurance company. Argh! It is taking forever. I’m not sure why it is. Her blood was drawn for these test 22 days ago.

Some of the tests have gotten approved and completed, yet the most critical ones have yet to even been approved. I’m so frustrated. I spent 30 minutes on the phone with the stupid computer receptionist only to have “her” tell me that their business office hours are over.

I’m too f’ing busy to call during the work day. When am I supposed to call?

Sigh…just frustrated.

5 thoughts on “Insurance Shminsurance

  1. I totally feel your frustration. Insurance is the WORST. If it continues to take so long, you may want to just go to the hospital and tell them your situation and go for financial assistance. That even may be cheaper???

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