Endocrinologist Appointment on Friday

We have a morning appointment with the endocrinologist on Friday. I’ll be very curious to see what it is like. I dread it though because she hates, hates doctors. I really hope the doctor is patient and kind with little ones who don’t like hospitals. My poor girl has had so many appointments in her short life….fingers crossed, we can get this sorted out.

I’ve done some more reading about hyperthyroid issues and the more I read the more it makes sense why Roo doesn’t gain weight and grow like her friends. At almost 23 months, she is 31 inches long and weighs between 20 and 21 pounds. She hasn’t gained much weight at since her one year doctor’s appointment. It also explains part of why she might have such low muscle tone.

Strangers often comment on how tiny she is when they find out how old she is. I feel like I have to defend it by explaining that she was premature but I guess I should just let it go. Why defend something that we can’t control?

Here’s a link to some more info on thyroid disease. Do any of you mamas/papas have experience with thyroid disease in your little one?

One thought on “Endocrinologist Appointment on Friday

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