Weaning Update

I had hoped that our trip away would help Roo with the weaning process. She did great leading up to our departure and had gotten down to nursing really fast in the morning and right before going to sleep. Because she no longer nurses for nourishment, I knew she would be fine while we were away for four nights and five days.

It was so much fun to eat and drink whatever I wanted. I ate nuts, eggs, drank lots of bubbly and overall just didn’t worry about what I was putting into my body for the first time since before I got pregnant!

I thought I was free from nursing. I was wrong!

As soon as we got home on Wednesday afternoon, Roo wanted to nurse. She threw herself into her nursing position and pulled on my shirt. I thought was dried up and so I told her there wasn’t anything there but she could try. I was wrong! Nope, not dried up! So, we are back to nursing again.

Boy oh boy, my girl just isn’t done. It’s OK. She’s still a baby in so many ways. I know she won’t nurse when she’s in kindergarten, so I’ll let her keep doing it for now.

Just promise me, friends. If Roo is 4 and still nursing, please oh please! Stage an intervention 🙂

Making a mess with finger paints while we were away.

Making a mess with finger paints while we were away.

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