A Happy Belated Mother’s Day and Assessment Update

First of all, I want to wish all of my readers and followers a belated Happy Mother’s Day – whether you are a new mom, waiting to be a mom, trying to be a mom, a mommy with an angel in Heaven, I hope that you had a special day on Sunday.

MH and I were in LA with friends on Saturday night and headed down to Laguna Beach for a work event for him. It was sort of strange not having Roo with us to celebrate Mother’s Day but it honestly was relaxing to be away from her. My little one is super demanding and to not have a 22 month old tugging at your ankles, whining for mama all day was a nice way to spend it.

The time away with just MH and me was ok. Nothing earth shattering and no new revelations. I was worried that it would be the end of our marriage but we didn’t fight much – just bickered and got along pretty well. Things remain up in the air around us…

Being away from Roo for four nights was lovely! I enjoyed the time.  She had a fantastic time with my parents and didn’t appear to miss us much, which is good. She had a lot of fun with them and I think because she has no sense of time, that played a role too.

My lymph node biopsy last week went well. It was uncomfortable but not horrible. My neck is still swollen and bruised from it. The results came back on Friday before we left. There are no apparent malignancies (thank goodness) and we will continue to monitor it. I go back in three months unless the lymph nodes get larger or change in some way. Whew!

The first set of tests have come back for Roo. I got the call today from the neurodevelopmental specialist. Her lactate and creatine tests came back normal. But her thyroid test came back very elevated. So, they will run some additional tests using the blood that was banked (hopefully, there’s enough or we have to go back). And, we go see a pediatric endocrinologist in the next two-four weeks to learn more about what is going on. The good news is that thyroid issues are all treatable and are a definite cause of low muscle tone, which I’m hoping is her only issue!

We are still waiting on the results from the genetic testing, which will be another 4-6 weeks. This waiting is just terrible. Sigh.

Again, happy belated Mother’s Day. You all are awesome mommies in your own right!

Roo at the park, while we were away, wearing her glasses!

Roo at the park, while we were away, wearing her glasses!

One thought on “A Happy Belated Mother’s Day and Assessment Update

  1. Happy Mother’s Day to you, too! I’m glad you and your husband did okay on your trip together and that Roo enjoyed her time with your parents. I hope the next few weeks fly by so you can get more answers. Fingers crossed that everything is treatable–and that you don’t have any more lymph node issues, either!

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