Been Fishing Or Something Like That…

The last two months have been a blur for us. And, I wish I could blame it on a fishing trip. I haven’t posted much for various reasons but I want to take time out of my day to catch everyone up. First, I’ve been really busy with work. I only wanted to work part-time but an opportunity to take on another client fell into my lap and I couldn’t pass it up. I will eventually get back to just 20 hours a week again but for now, I’m up to about 30 hours of billable work a week (the nanny is here around 37 hours a week). That takes away my time from blogging 😦

Additionally, I have been busy with lots of appointments for Roo. About a month ago, we had an assessment done with Kind.ering, a neurodevelopmental center where we live. Their results included recommendations to maintain weekly occupational/physical therapy to help her motor skills (at home); add an educational component to her therapies twice a month (at home, at no cost); add a weekly co-op Mommy and me class for Roo and me to go together (at Kin.dering, at no cost); and look into seeing a neurodevelopmental pediatrician as well as get genetic testing done. To our surprise, they didn’t think she needed to start with speech therapy right away (which I disagreed with).

This week was our second co-op class. Roo is one of seven kiddos – all of whom have a varying degree of developmental delays (the spectrum is one child has speech delays and another has Down Syndrome and everything in between). Interestingly, she is the only little girl. She really has enjoyed the class. We begin with gross motor play time in a room with a lot of balls, things to climb on, riding toys, etc. Then we move into the classroom, where we participate in circle time involving singing and movement. After circle is free play with any of the toys and activities in the room. There is also an art project available for the little ones to do, led by the teacher’s assistant. Below is Roo’s art project (done with a lot of help from Mama). After play time is snack time, where the teacher has the kids make choices and leads them in sharing a meal at a table. It is so cute. I’m loving the class and I think Roo is adjusting well. She loves to watch the “bigger” kids.


Our home services started as well. Her physical/occupational therapist is really nice and she always brings a fun toy with her and leaves it for the week. Our educator is also her co-op teacher, so it’s nice to have a familiar face. I’ve asked them to incorporate speech into all of her services and to do an evaluation with her this month and start speech therapy in April. They’ve agreed and I hope they follow through. I will push for it.

We have an appointment at Sea.ttl.e’s Hsp on May 1. I’m nervous they will find something that leads to more complicated, long-term treatment to get Roo up to speed. But, I can’t go there yet. I have to just deal with what we know. I’ll keep you posted.

We also had a recent appointment with Roo’s pediatric opthalmologist. She patched for six weeks and it didn’t do anything to help. So now she needs to wear glasses again. This time for three months and then we will assess if we need to proceed with surgery. I’m worried that she won’t wear them. We shall see. We keep the same frames but got a new prescription for lenses. I pick them up tomorrow or Thursday.

So, as you can see. In addition to work, we’ve added some additional activities for Miss Roo. We are very busy over here.

Roo is still a nursing machine. The nanny was out sick for a few days last week and so I spent much more time with her than usual during the week. She wanted to nurse at least once every hour. I think it’s for comfort and snuggling but she is not as close to weaning as I was hoping she would be! We had gotten down to nursing in the morning when she woke up and at night right before MH took her up to bed. But now, it’s as often as she can get. I have a weaning plan in mind that I’ll write about in a separate post.

I’m doing much better. My anti-depressants seem to be working as is my daily resolution to stay positive and find gratitude. Don’t get me wrong. I have plenty of days where I’m negative. I’m still not happy with my marriage. In fact, I’m disappointed to discover that even with anti-depressants working that I’m not more satisfied with my marriage. We’re at a place where we are very cordial to each other but we may as well be roommates than husband and wife. It makes me sad. I’m not sure what will happen.

This is what has been going on in our lives lately! I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and I comment when I can – most easily from my phone when I can’t sleep in the early morning hours or late at night. So, if I can’t comment from WP on my phone, please know that I’m still following your journeys and stories. Thanks for continuing to support us! xox

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