A Love Letter to Roo: 20 Months Old

My dear little one,

This letter is late but only because we have been so busy. You’re a busy little girl! Nanny has been out sick and so I’ve been taking on double duty of mommy and worker bee, leaving me exhausted. I can’t believe that you’re 20 months old (and that it’s March).

As the weather improves, you’ve been standing at the door and windows looking outside each afternoon. As soon as you wake up from your nap and I close my laptop for the afternoon, we put your shoes on and go for a walk. You hold onto both of my hands and we walk up and down our driveway. We walk up the neighbor’s driveway to see their red truck. It never moves and is always there and you remember each time! Then we walk down the driveway to the mailbox. You love to open it and peek inside to see what is there.

You are hesitant to let go and hold only one hand when we’re walking around but you don’t hesitate to squat down and pick up rocks and pine cones! After a rain, you love to pick up rocks and pebbles and throw them into puddles. I don’t let you walk through them yet. Your shoes and socks would soak right through. I should buy you a pair of rain boots soon.

You’re also in training for the World Wrestling Entertainment. We take cushions off the couch and put them on the floor for you to play on and you love to throw yourself off the couch onto them face first. You think it’s hysterical. We think YOU’RE hysterical!

The $14 slide I picked up at the consignment shop has paid for itself in spades. Even though you can’t walk by yourself, you’ve figured out how to climb up the slide and go down it by yourself. You prefer to have someone at the bottom to catch you but you are quick as lightning to get to the top! I LOVE IT! You are getting there, my little sweet pea!

I can’t wait to see what you will accomplish in the next month.

Love you to the moon and back,

Your Mama


5 thoughts on “A Love Letter to Roo: 20 Months Old

  1. She is so precious and it is very lovely of you to share her with us. Very much a miracle of joy and wonder and totally moving forward at her own drum beat. THANK YOU.

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