A Love Letter to Roo: 18 Months Old

My darling daughter, Roo!

This love letter is a little late. You stayed up last night until 9 p.m. to watch the East Coast flip to 2014 with us – you’ve now seen 2012, 2012 and 2014! I know that 2014 is going to be an amazing year for you.

On December 21, you turned 18 months old – one and a half years old. We spent it with family outside of Chicago. This milestone was marked by you demonstrating your independence and desire to move on your own – going up and down the three stair cases in your aunt and uncle’s home. If you hadn’t mastered crawling up and down stairs before, you certainly did over Christmas vacation!

In the past month, you’ve really become a show off! You dance when you hear a song and grin from ear to ear when you’re proud of yourself. You still LOVE music – you can sign the Itsy Bitsy Spider from start to finish and demand it be sung aloud repeatedly. It’s the cutest thing. You’ve fallen in love with cars and have five of them. You push them around and up and down walls saying vroooooom. Again, so cute!

You’ve found your voice. It’s tiny but mighty. You squeal with delight at the top of your lungs. You can giggle up a storm and go out of your way to find a reason to laugh. You pull one of your favorite books off the shelf, Tickle Time by Sandra Boynton, and throw it at me to read to you. Then you throw yourself on the floor in anticipation of being tickled! Again, so adorable!

You do this funny thing when we ask you to show us your teeth. You open your mouth wide and tuck your lips around your teeth so we can’t see them. Then you stick your tongue out at us. You make us laugh so much – you are a joy!

It’s been about two months of me being back to work almost full-time. You’ve adjusted so well to our new routine. You love your nanny and she is amazing with you. I love hearing your squeal and giggle while I work upstairs. It makes me so happy that you are happy.

You have your 18 month appointment next week and we’ll find out how much you weigh and how long you are but I know that you’ve been growing because you are finally fitting into your 18 month clothes! They’re still a little big but you’re getting there.

Your therapist recommended we get you an indoor slide to encourage you to climb and gain confidence. You love it and use it as a walker, ignoring other real “walkers” (shopping cart, etc.) that we’ve purchased for you. It’s hilarious to see you pushing the slide back and forth the living room and the kitchen. You’re a strong little girl and it makes me so proud of you! I’m learning to be comfortable with you meeting your milestones on your own timetable. You will walk in your own time. I just know it!

You’re becoming a fantastic eater! You’ve always had a great appetite but you’re also becoming quite a foodie. In spite of your food allergies, we work to introduce as many new foods as possible. At our mommy group holiday party, one of the salads had pomegranate seeds in it. You LOVED them and dug through my plate to eat all of them. I never even tried pomegranate seeds until I was in my 30s 🙂 It’s fun to see you expand your palate.

You haven’t picked up any new words this month but your comprehension skills are out of this world! You follow directions and are incredible at getting your point across without verbal words. You sign consistently and correctly. I should learn more signs and teach them to you.

You’re the cutest little bug. You’re so sweet. You kiss and hug your stuffed friends. You’ve really taken to your Roo that your grandparents gave to you. You sleep with him at naps and at night. We see you sleeping with his head tucked under yours and you carry him around everywhere. I’m so glad you found a lovey!

When I look back at the last six months, you’ve changed so much. In June at your first birthday, you were still army crawling. Now you are on the cusp of walking (I hope)! You didn’t have any words and now you can say Mama, Dada, moo, yeah, and vrooom (and supposedly up and hi). You were sporadically signing but now you sign all the time, frantically even 🙂 You also used to just cling on to the person holding you and now you give really good hugs and kisses (forehead to forehead). You used to hate any foods except cheerios, mum mums, etc. touching you but now you dive into a pile of mashed potatoes!

You’re growing up, my little bug. I’m so proud of you!

I love you, Roo.

Your Mama, always and forever


It is sunny in Chicago!

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