The Irony

Just met Brooke, an awesome mommy blogger and follower, for lunch!! I’m so glad we met and we plan to get together when I’m back for the holidays.

Roo was super tired because she had a crappy night’s sleep and woke up at 6:45am. She didn’t fall asleep until 10 pm. And, was up for about 90 minutes in the middle of the night.

So, as soon as we say down to eat, she wanted to nurse and was out like a light! She slept through lunch (we met at 11:45) and she is still asleep! It is now almost 2pm.

The great irony is that she won’t sleep in her stroller and will probably choose today to take a marathon nap. I’ve attempted to put her in her stroller three times and she cries each time. She needs to sleep and so I hold her.

I moved from the hard chair from lunch to a more comfortable chair. Brooke had to go back to work but a lovely stranger helped me with all of our crap.

Im so tired too. But, I can’t fall asleep in public with my baby. I would probably get mugged.

Why oh why do you take short naps at home and power naps when we are out in public?! I wanted to go to an art museum or two today and instead, I’m stuck.


In other news, Roo was an awesome little traveler yesterday!!

2 thoughts on “The Irony

  1. You won’t get mugged in Macy’s. Promise. You should have gone to the furniture section! 🙂 Great meeting you and the little Roo! Can’t wait for our December play date!

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