On the Road Again…

In May, we headed to San Francisco when MH had a work trip.  It was fun to see friends and visit my old stomping grounds.  MH has a business trip next week and Roo and I will tag along again.  We are risking RSV and flu but it is a great opportunity for her to meet her grandmother and MH’s side of the family.  His mom has Alzheimer’s and is unable to travel so she hasn’t had the chance to meet her yet.  I’m really excited.

It also happens to be my birthday week, so it’ll be nice to do something special and different.

We are staying at an all-suite hotel, so Roo can go to bed and MH and I can hang out in the living room and order room service or get take-out.  It’ll be a huge difference than when we were in one room in SF and had to sit in the dark starting at 7 p.m.  That sucked.  This will be a little more enjoyable – fingers crossed!

As we prepare to travel again, I re-visited the tips that my friends who travel a lot with their kiddos gave to me.  I also went a little nuts and bought a ton of stuff that we borrowed for the last trip including a new umbrella stroller, a second car seat and a diaper bag. We’re going back to Chicago for Christmas to give his sister a break and will stay with his mom in their house while they go away for a week.

We have the Upp.aB.aby C.ruz stroller and love it.  But it is too heavy and bulky to bring along.  So, I bought the Up.paB.aby G.Lu.xe umbrella stroller and travel bag.  We got it in the magenta color.  I can’t wait to use it!  The travel bag gives the stroller an extra warranty so if anything breaks while in transit the company will replace it at no cost.

We have a Chic.co N.extfit car seat, which is fantastic but is gigantic and heavy.  Not a good thing for traveling.  It is also expensive and I would hate to have to replace it.  The E.ven.flo Tribute is a great back-up (and even primary) car seat.  It is under $60.  A friend gave us their car seat bag as they upgraded, which will be good to carry the seat through the airport and gate check it unless we get lucky with an extra seat.  It has straps so MH can carry it on his back.

The diaper bag is a different issue.  I hate diaper bags in general.  They look cheesy (in my opinion) and I don’t find them comfortable. However, my bag doesn’t close with a zipper on the top and doesn’t exactly carry much.  So, I think I will get something that meets my basic needs and stick anything leftover into MH’s backpack.  I bought a Baby Cargo Geo.rgi bag because I love the ability to hang it conveniently off the back of an umbrella stroller and I can wear it as a messenger bag when I’m wearing Roo on my front.  It’s kind of small but it will probably do the job and is also convenient!  Do you have any suggestions?  I know I’ve asked before but I know I have some new readers who might have some suggestions.

My sister-in-law gave me a travel vest called the B.’Air Travel Vest.  It is a handy little safety device that can be worn during the flight to keep your little one safe in the event of turbulence.  Apparently, it can’t be used during take off and landing but I’ve read that some people do anyway and no one says anything.  I’ll see.  We had it on our SF trip but she was too small for it then.  Now, she’s big enough that it should fit her.

I typed and sent a friend (Hi Tania!) a list of travel suggestions as she plans for an international trip with her little one.  I thought I would post it here too.  These are all suggestions that friends have given me that I used for San Francisco and will use again for our upcoming trip:

  • Someone recommended that I hide her favorite toys that I was bringing on the plane so they were more exciting. So I put them away about three days before we left. It definitely helped her be more excited when she saw them again!  And, I got her a few new toys and books too.  Save a few for the trip back!!
  • For packing into your carry on, I had the following:
  • 1 diaper for every hour of travel plus 2-3 extra – might seem excessive but what if he gets diarrhea or something
  • An extra change of clothes for him and you (if he pees on you or throws up?)
  • Food for each meal plus snacks for distraction plus extra meal in case of delays plus (2) spoons and bowl, bib, sippy cup, as needed in a big ziplock bag
  • Umbrella stroller with a recline feature and one hand fold
  • Blanket or two – one to cover him and  an extra for nursing, letting him play on the floor, cover the stroller if he’s sleeping, etc. I just brought 2 muslin blankets that rolled up small
  • Snacks for you – it might be hard to find one during off hours in the airport and since you’re nursing…
  • Toys and books – I brought some new and favorite toys and books
  • Baby Tylenol
  • Tissues
  • Nose aspiration thing – in case nose gets stuffy in flight (not needed but would’ve been critical if so)
  • I also wore comfortable clothes and brought a pashmina along so I could wrap us both up in it while nursing and sleeping.

Do you have any travel tips to share?

10 thoughts on “On the Road Again…

  1. We travel with R a couple times a month. The biggest thing I’ve found is to get a sound machine that plugs in and makes noise all night for her to drown out the hotel bumps and noises and the sound of you sharing her room. Then earplugs for the two of you to drown out her and her damn sound machine!!! You will hear if she talks/cries, but you won’t hear her tossing and turning.

  2. Hey I know you said tou hope to get a seat on the plane for hee to use but I really recommend buying her a seat to use with her carseat. Its much safer for her and everyone on board. Also a gate checked carseat now has an unknown history and unless you trust strangers with her life its now unsafe to use. I have personally seen carseats dropped on he way up to the gate check. I always pay for a seat for my son and he’s so much happier in his rf carseat on thr plane. He can sleep comfortably and I get ti sit without a squirming kid in my lap. Even coffee pots have to be locked in place so its crazy why they don’t make small infants. Anyways I’m not meaning to judge lota of people just don’t even know you can have a car seat on a plane. 🙂 we had a blast in san fran with theo earlier this year

  3. We just flew with a 14 month old and dum dum lollypops helped. She never gets them at home so they were a nice treat to keep quite on the flight. She got sticky so I needed to clean her hands. Stay away from the blue ones. Also bring extra diaper cloths or rags. I kept one in my lap and needed it for the entire flight.

  4. I hope you have a great trip! The suite is going to be awesome. G, J and I had to share a hotel room for my sister’s wedding and we were in bed by 8. No TV, bad cell reception… It wasn’t much fun 🙂

    I don’t have any advice for you. I know when I was older and my mom took us to England she bought us new activity books for the plane. It’s like your idea to get Roo something new to play with.

    Oh, and I second millionbabysteps’ ear plug advice. I use them at home 90% of the time now so I can try to drown out J’s snoring. I used them on our most recent weekend trip to a friend’s house where we had to share a room with G again. It helped a lot (I have always had a hard time sharing a room with G).

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