One Nap Trick

Apparently, my daughter is forging the way within our mommy group by being one of the first to transition to one nap a day.  I don’t know why but all of a sudden in the last two weeks, Roo has started to take just one nap a day.  She gets about 12 hours of sleep a night (with and without a middle of the night waking for nursing) and has started only wanting to take one longer nap in the middle of the day.  I’ve attempted to get to her to nap again in the later afternoon with great failure.

Her afternoon nap during this transition was a great scream and cry fest.  Now it is more of a cry for 5 minutes and then play with her lovey and talk to herself.

I’m kind of missing the twice a day nap.  I get more done.

I’m also trying to figure out how to pass the long hours that she’s awake now.  I was able to happily entertain her for the three to four-hour stretches between sleeps but now there can be up to 6-7 hours that she’s awake at a time.  Today, for example, she decided to nap between 10-12pm and didn’t sleep at all in the afternoon.

Usually, I take her somewhere in the afternoon to get out of the house – a friend’s house, the park, etc.  But, today, it was rainy and we didn’t have any playdates scheduled.  Any ideas!

When did your little one transition to one nap a day?  Is this it or is it a phase?

5 thoughts on “One Nap Trick

  1. Our whole mums group is having this issue from 10.5-11 months old. Jman went through a couple of weeks of one nap, and at present it’s anyone’s guess what it will be each day. He goes back to two naps if we’re out & about before nap one. But I say just go with it & let her decide, get enough active time in the fresh air to wear her out, and enjoy the early bedtimes. I thought we’d dropped it for good, but this week has all been two nap days.

  2. We seem to be flipping between one and two naps. I would like him to still take two naps (at 11,5 months), as 1 nap just doesn’t quite cut it and he gets too tired at night. Right now we’re just sort of winging it.

    As for what to do, when it’s rainy, put on rain gear and still get a walk in. The fresh air will do wonders, even if she doesn’t get to run around. Also, sometimes just going to the store/mall/shopping center to wander around for a short bit is enough to break up the day. We don’t have tv and the boy won’t watch shows on the laptop, so no help there. music and dancing?

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