Introducing a Lovey…

I had a stuffed dog when I was little (still snuggle with him occasionally, hee hee).  I named him Doggie.  I got him as a present when I was about one and so I really want Roo to have a special friend too.  I seriously took him everywhere with me and slept with him every nap and nighttime.

I bought several stuffed animals over the past few months that I think would make good loveys and have introduced her to them.  There are two that I really think she might take to and have slept with them at night for several weeks.  One is a Baby collection bashful (I think is how you can find them).  It’s a black and white puppy attached to a little blanket.  The other is from the Di.sney St.ore.  It’s a Roo from Wi.nnie the Po.oh!

The past few days, I’ve been talking to my Roo about having one of her friends sleep in her bed with her when I’m holding one of them.  She just looks at me and then at her little friend.  Not sure what’s going through her mind.  She didn’t protest when I walked the stuffed Roo down the hall with her and placed him into her bed.

This morning she took a nap with her Roo for the first time.  I watched her on the monitor as she fell asleep.  She played with him a bit and then fell asleep.  She didn’t snuggle up though like I was hoping.  Maybe that will take a little time.

I hope she takes to him.  If not, I’ll add the puppy, who I’ve named Patch, to her crib and see if she likes him too.

One thing I did do was to make sure that all of the stuffed animals that I chose are ones that I know I can get other ones of so that if she takes to having a lovey I can go out and buy one or two more to rotate out.

Does your little one have a lovey?  At what age did you introduce it?  What is it?!

3 thoughts on “Introducing a Lovey…

  1. I bought a dolphin a year before my little guy was born. I hope that he’ll love it as I loved my teddy bear that I have that is older than me. He also has another toy or two that is in his crib, but he doesn’t snuggle-sleep with any of them yet.

  2. R became very attached to her lovey right away, but I think she’s a blanket kinda kid. She loves them and loves the feel of material and holding something and sucking on it. Before her lovey days (at about 6 months) she would try to suck on her sleep sack. I know many are just not into them, hope she gets there though, cause damn it’s cute!

  3. My daughter LOVES her stuffies! She has a few favourites, but she is rarely without at least one and is constantly pointing and asking for new ones in stores. “A Roo from Winnie The Pooh”, that is so adorable! I’m sure it won’t take her long to attach to a lovey!

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