Inspired and Improved

You all inspired me to just try some more table foods and face my fears. After reading your comments, I tried a few table foods from my own plate to see what would happen. And she ate things from my plate that a week ago I would never imagined she would want to eat.

Thank you!!! Because of you, I’m improving the way my daughter eats and I’m helping her grow. I’m getting over my fears.

Since I posted about food, I’ve given her and she’s eaten/enjoyed:

Refried beans
Fresh peach
Cheese (which she’s had before but I tried again)
Toast with butter
Mac and cheese

All of these foods were from my plate. I’m now inspired to look for more ways to incorporate finger foods into her meals.

One issue I’ve come across is when I encourage her to take the food from her tray with her own fingers she stops wanting to eat what I’ve offered her, even from me. She seems to only like food that is hard to the touch. I think she has some sensory issues that I need to ask our therapist about.

But, I will stay encouraged and keep offering her food from my plate. I also went to Pinterest (I’m addicted) and pinned a bunch of toddler food ideas. It seems like a lot of work and I’m a little daunted but it might just mean that MH and I will have to start eating toddler type meals too!

Where do you get your toddler food inspiration? Did your preemie/little one have sensory issues with touching food?

Here she is going to town on Cheer.ios.


6 thoughts on “Inspired and Improved

  1. Yay! I’m so glad you’re both enjoying this process now! Kids are funny when it comes to texture. I’m sure it’s just a baby quirk. For Molly it’s less whether something is hard or soft but it’s temperature. She won’t eat anything hot. And by hot I mean warm. It needs to be cold, so we stick her portion in the freezer or fridge before giving it to her. She’s getting better though 🙂
    Not the first food quirk I’ll encounter, I’m sure.

  2. That’s good! Re inspiration, I started off with dedicated toddler meals, then miced on to our leftovers puréed or mashed , particularly when I do a roast I do an extra tray of veg which becomes freezer meals for jman.

    Now I make things we like to eat but add spicy things after i’ve extracted jman’s portion (he LOVES chilli con carne with yoghurt & guacamole & no chilli!). I find we have more slow cooker dishes at present as stews lend themselves well to toddlers, cottage pie, fajitas. Jman has an early dinner that is easier textures, then has “second dinner” sitting up at the table with us. Second dinner is more family food. I also find he tends to be too tired sometimes at night, in which case he has stewed fruit & yoghurt, with more eaten at lunch. Little things on the bone are good too, like lamb cutlets or stripped down chicken drumsticks. Leftover veg makes a good pasta sauce .

    Not sure about the texture thing, just keep offering wide varieties. Things change! She might just feel more comfortable picking up hard things & it will change as her pincer grip improves.

  3. Look at her go!!! She looks like she’s loving it – good for you for letting go, it’s not easy.
    For meals I pretty much just give her exactly what we eat (provided it’s healthy). She seems to like it that way. Except for yogurt and her morning cereal I haven’t done anything just for her – and as a bonus it’s easier for me :).

  4. That’s quite a picture!! Congrats Roo on bring food adventurous and you on facing your fears 😉 Are you planning a toy related picture post soon? Jeje hugs!

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