Car Seats on Airplanes

Saturday’s horrible tragedy at San Francisco airport (fortunately, only two people died) really impressed on me the importance of buying Roo her own seat when we fly anywhere.  No matter how short the flight, I will make sure she has her own seat and we have our car seat with us.  I can’t imagine the force of the plane crashing as it landed and trying to keep her in my arms.

When we flew to San Francisco six weeks or so ago, we didn’t get her a seat but there was an empty one next to us each way.  Had we known, I would have put her in her car seat.

The likelihood of an airplane crash is rare but this makes me think ten times more carefully about how we choose to travel with our precious little one.

What do you think?  Are you now more inclined to buy a seat for your little one?

5 thoughts on “Car Seats on Airplanes

  1. YES! I always buy my under 2 year old a seat. If they need one in a car they need one in a plane. I always look at it like this, if your child was 2 or over what would you do? Coffee pots are given more care than lap infants, they have to be securely locked away. My deciding point was when I was given a scenario, imagine you crashed on landed and the whole plane filled up with smoke and your lap child flew out of your arms because there was no way you were strong enough to hold them. Now they are 4 rows up under the seat unconcious, you have 20 seconds to deplane…. same scenario but this time baby is in their seat next to you strapped in, you grab baby out and deplane. The only reason its not mandatory is they know more people will drive if they have to buy an infant a seat so its completely about money.. so sad

  2. I was in an emergency landing situation and saw people trying to hold on to their babies while assuming the “brace” position. There is no way to hold your baby appropriately when you are in the “brace” position for an emergency landing. I thought right then and there (10 years ago!) that I would for sure pay for an infant seat when I had a kid to bring on a plane. Oh yeah – we landed just fine… no injuries. 🙂

  3. As the wife of a pilot our kids will always have their own seats and be in airline approved car seats. It’s the safest way. Money isn’t worth potentially risking injury or death.

  4. I couldn’t agree more! When Giovanni was 7 months old, we flew to Miami (from NY) and he had his own seat with his car seat strapped into it. Everyone made fun of me saying what a waste it was. I think my son’s life is worth the extra $400 I spent. Some people…

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