“A” for Effort

I left MH in charge of dressing Roo after she woke up from her morning nap, while I ran errands. This is what I came home to: mismatched purples, flowers with stripes and dots, and her shirt on backwards (all her other shirts have the buttons on the back so this must be correct, was his rationalization when choosing to ignore the tag on the shirt).  So funny!  I left her the way he dressed her.  Why not, right?!  He got an A for effort 🙂

Does your husband dress your little one in funny outfits when left to his own devices?



4 thoughts on ““A” for Effort

  1. The other day my husband told me he doesn’t like to dress the babies because they don’t look as cute and “the colors don’t match and stuff.”

  2. Tooooo funny!! My husband usually just copies ensembles I’ve put them in before, but there have been a few experiments that haven’t gone so well…

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