Let’s Talk About Weaning

Roo is approaching her first birthday.  I can’t believe it!

When I first got pregnant, I knew that I wanted to breastfeed my baby.  I also knew that I wanted to breastfeed until at least one year old.  But then she came early and we weren’t able to nurse together full-time until she was about four months old.  Those long nights and days of pumping and feeding were exhausting and I hated it.  When I was given the green light to stop pumping, I was so happy!

I LOVE breastfeeding her.  It guarantees the two of us at least four times a day (now!) of one-on-one mommy and baby quiet time.  We nursed on demand as soon as I was given the green light and we haven’t stopped since.  My supply has definitely dipped since we started solids but in a good way.  She doesn’t need or want to nurse as much.  She mostly nurses when she wakes up, once around lunch, once in the afternoon and once in the evening.  Sometimes, we’ll get another session or two in but I think those are more for comfort than for nutrition.

As her birthday approaches, I am thinking about what to ask her pediatrician.  Even though she will chronologically be a year old, her adjusted age will still be less than a year.  Should I wait to wean until her adjusted age has caught up?  I also need to think about whether or not I really want to wean her.  I love nursing her and part of me feels like if she wants to nurse, I will let her.  I probably won’t nurse too long after one though.

I miss wearing a regular bra. I miss wearing dresses.  I miss having my boobs not function as a milk factory.  But, I love being able to nurse her.  And, since she’s going to be my one and only, why not nurse for as long as she wants. Right?!

Moms of preemies.  If you breastfed, how long did you wait to wean?

3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Weaning

  1. Aww….I love nursing too. I say nurse her as long as you/she want. The day will come when one of you will be over it and then you can stop. If she’s going to be your one and only just enjoy it. You can always just have one nurse a day before bed or something for a while.

  2. I think I may wean around a year. I’ll be heading back to work the end of July, so there’s that to consider. But we also want to start trying for #2 soon and I’d like my cycle to regulate itself. And I’m not enjoying it like I used to. Molly gets distracted so easily and she moves so much it gets uncomfortable for me at times. I do love the quiet time though. It’s a great reason to just sit!

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