A Love Letter to Roo: 11 Months Old

My dear baby girl,

The last month has been a whirlwind of exploration, growth and excitement. The best news that we received all month was that your eyes are healing properly from the surgery and you don’t need to wear your glasses (at least for now). You look so cute in those glasses but you look even cuter without them!

I don’t even know where to start. What haven’t you done this month?

You started to crawl – pushing forward with your legs and pulling with your arms. You are a full-fledged sitter (without support for long periods of time!). You are officially waving hello (working on bye-bye) to people who you know including yourself. You sleep through the night from 7-6:30am! You are becoming more social and friendly with strangers but only from the comfort of my lap. You went on your first airplane ride and did so great.

I could not be more proud of you. The last month has seen you blossom into this incredible little girl. You’re not my teeny, tiny little baby anymore. You’re becoming a big baby and getting really close to being a toddler!

Your therapist, Tiffany, is so proud of you too. You’re making so many great advances. She is so surprised each week when I tell her all of your accomplishments. It’s great! You’ve even gotten back to the point where you will let Tiffany hold you, even when I’m in the room.

I have no idea how much you weigh or how long you are but I do know that you’re growing. You are just now starting to fit into your nine month clothes. They’re still a little big on you but at least we are out of the 6 month clothes. You are a champion eater. You eat pretty much anything that we give you (except strawberries). You even tried ground beef and LOVED it!

You also LOVE music. Anything with music is a hit for you. I got into a Les Miserable kick and we listened to the soundtrack in the car from the broadway version over and over again for about a week. You didn’t mind. However, I know that you prefer Raffi. I actually don’t mind listening to him either. It’s your daddy who thinks its silly every time he gets into the car and turns it on. I know all the words and I think that if you could speak you would know all the words too.

You also love to read. I read you books off and on all afternoon. You have your favorites and get excited by new ones that I introduce to you too. You’re now really getting into the interactive books that require you to do something. You get it, which makes me so happy! You love to lift the flaps. You also love my iPhone and the Fi.sher Pric.e apps that I put on it for you. You really love the one with the animal sounds and the one with the dog and cat that teach you the parts of the body. It’s so cute and I wish I could show you it more but I like to save those for meltdown situations.

It is astounding that in one month you will have been in our lives for an entire 12 months. One. Whole. Year. It has been so fun to watch you grow from our tiny little ladybug to the baby you’ve become rolling around on the floor and giggling!

I love you, Bug. I can’t wait to celebrate your first birthday with you next month!

Your Mama always


3 thoughts on “A Love Letter to Roo: 11 Months Old

  1. This was a beautiful letter. My Beast was born 6 weeks early too, just over a year before your Roo and I remember all those emotions you are sharing. Really great writing, it brought it all back!

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