Honestly, Honest

In honor of Earth Day, let me share about one adventure in trying to find a more eco-friendly, chemical-free disposable diaper option.

I tried Hon.est diapers.  I wanted to LOVE them.  They are so cute!  We primarily use cloth diapers – g.Diapers to be exact, and we love them.  But, MH wants something easier in the middle of the night and I like the convenience of disposable diapers on the go.  So, we had been using Pam.pers Swa.ddlers.  However, I dislike the thought of chemicals on Roo’s skin and the fact that they are so wasteful and harmful to our environment.

So, I tried Hon.est.  I honestly wanted to like them.  But, since we’ve had them, Roo has had the WORST blow out in her short life.  We were at an appointment for her and she pooped while we were in the waiting room.  It got all over her AND me.  Of course, I was wearing a white jacket.  Awesome.

They also leak at night.  I have to change her when she wakes up to nurse otherwise the diaper leaks and her pajamas are wet by the morning.

So, my recommendation, is to skip Hon.est diapers and go with something else.

I’ll keep looking for a better, chemical-free, earth-friendlier disposable diaper option.  Any suggestions are welcome!

Happy Earth Day!  What do you and your family do to try to be more eco-friendly?

2 thoughts on “Honestly, Honest

  1. Grovia has a disposable insert I’ve heard good things about.

    As for easy cloth to please your hubby, have tried all-in-ones? We have a few different brands but that’s all my husband will use. He hates stuffing pocket diapers or putting in inserts. Our favorite is the bumgenius elemental.

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