A Love Letter to Roo: 10 Months Old!

My darling Roo,

I can’t believe that on Sunday, 10 months passed since you came into this world. I say that every month, don’t I?! I can’t help myself but it is true. It is probably true for every parent to think that but I think more so for parents of premature babies. Your development, while delayed, comes so fast and furious that it’s really exciting to look back at where you were just a month ago and see how far you’ve come.

The best thing to happen to you this month was your eye surgery. It was a success so far and it has meant so many things have changed for the good for you. You are much more vocal. You love to talk to your dada and to me but you talk to yourself more too. You’ve started to say things that will eventually lead to words like “mmmm,” “bah,” “dah,” it is so cute. I hear you when you are playing on your own – which is also new for you. You used to HATE being by yourself. I think I understand why now. You probably couldn’t see before too well and it was scary to be on your own without me around.

You sit by yourself now. I put you between my legs and you sit there without touching any part of my body for minutes at a time. I LOVE it!! You’re growing up!

You’re moving towards crawling. You lay on your belly and push up your legs and arms. You try to move forward but get very frustrated. It will happen, sweet girl. It will happen!

You LOVE to eat. I haven’t been good about introducing new foods but it doesn’t matter. You still eat like a champ. We went to a nutritionist to help figure out how to increase your calories since you’re not gaining weight like we want you to but I know that will turn around soon too. (I’ll write about that some more later).

You still sleep really well, only waking up once in the night to nurse. I love that time together because you’re so sleepy and cuddly. I will be sad (and very happy) when you stop needing to nurse in the middle of the night because of that time together. In fact, I’ll miss nursing you when you decide that it’s time to stop. I don’t imagine that will happen anytime soon but I see some signs as you get older and eat more solid food.

You’re starting to become more social too. It’s great to see you “tolerate” other babies and kids. You allow them to touch you and play around you. You don’t seem as bothered and even reach out to touch them sometimes! It’s great!

I’ve started to give you the chance to make decisions on your own. I’ll show you two books and ask you which you want and you touch the one you want me to read. It’s great! I’m trying it with which color diaper you want me to put on you and, sometimes, I’ll even show you two different outfits and ask which you want to wear. I also offer you two different snacks and you choose. I love introducing you to choice. You are a baby but you clearly still have opinions!

I love you, bug. You are the light of my life.

Your Mama


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