Update on Napping

It is official, Roo has dropped a nap. She made the final transition around her 9 month/7 month mark. She now takes just two naps a day – sometimes, just one, to my dismay.

It actually is a little easier with two naps instead of three. I can get more done when she’s awake. I thought it was a pain at first because I got less “me” time but it is working out just fine!!


One thought on “Update on Napping

  1. That’s awesome šŸ™‚ The twins are still deciding. They definitely like their two long naps, but have started to talk more than sleep during their 30 minute one. We’ll see though. It’s hard to know because if I don’t put them down fror that third nap, sometimes it goes well and sometimes it doesn’t… Anyway, I’m glad Roo’s new schedule is working out for you guys!

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