Surgery in T-minus 30 Hours

Tomorrow morning at 9:15, Roo will undergo surgery to correct her crossed eye. They will do surgery on both of her eyes. It will be done at the same hospital where she was born.

My dad flies in today and her pre-operative appointment is in the afternoon. I have to stop nursing her 6 hours before the surgery. I think that will be tough for her. She nurses not only for food but also for comfort. It will be tough on my boobs too! I need to figure out if I need to pump. I haven’t done that in months!

We’ve been dealing with some crazy napping schedules, which makes it hard to post. I was also home alone for 5 days without MH, who was out of town to help his mom move out of her house (a whole different story, she has Alzheimer’s). I really need to post my 9 month letter to her. All will come in time 🙂

Please send good wishes, prayers and positive thoughts in our direction tomorrow morning! I promise the first chance I have, I will post an update.

Below is one last photo of Roo in her patch, we hope! Her glasses might be back but I hope we don’t have to patch her anymore! She really hates it.




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