Dropping a Nap?!

Roo turns 9 months old on Thursday and I think she’s ready to drop a nap.  She has always been a good nighttime sleeper, in spite of waking to eat.  Even when we were co-sleeping, she was a good sleeper.  It was just hard on me.

These days, she goes to bed between 6:30-7pm, depending on what we’ve done that day.  She goes to sleep almost immediately and sleeps until 6:30-7am.  She wakes up to nurse once between 12-4am.  Though, the past few nights, she has slept through the ENTIRE night!  I wake up engorged because she hasn’t nursed in 12 hours.  I love the sleep though!

Over the last month, her nap schedule has evolved into needing to nap after being awake for about two hours.  She will then sleep for 30-85 minutes – more like the 40 minute range.  This schedule means she wants three naps a day.

However, the last few days, with sleeping through the night, she has been fighting the third nap like crazy.  And, her first two naps are on the longer side of things.

Is she telling me that she doesn’t want the third nap?  How old was your little one when they transitioned to two naps a day?  How much time are they up between sleep times?

4 thoughts on “Dropping a Nap?!

  1. My two have never been three times a day sleepers except when they were very little and did the whole eat, play, sleep routine every 3 hours. When they were STTN they basically had a quick cat nap in the morning (15-45 minutes) and have a long nap in the afternoon after lunch (1-2 hours). That’s the schedule we are on – I only really force the afternoon nap. The morning nap they usually fall asleep on their own while playing in their playroom.

  2. Our babies dropped their 3rd nap around 5-6 months. Our son was born around 32 weeks – adopted from Africa, so we don’t really know for sure. He needed his 3rd nap for a few months after our daughter, who is roughly the same age but was full term (as far as we know). They’re 16 months now and still needing (most days) 2 naps – a quick morning nap for 45 minutes, and then a 1.5-2 hour afternoon nap. I tried getting rid of the morning nap and they fell asleep during lunch….so…not ready yet. 🙂 Anytime they were working on a new developmental milestone or teething, naps got all wonky…so she could be telling you she’s ready for 2 naps, or she might be working on some new tricks. 🙂

  3. I think we’re transitioning out of the 3rd nap now too and we’re just shy of 8 months. Some days we still need the 3rd but a lot of days now we’re staying awake 3 hours between naps and there’s just no time in the day for the 3rd one!

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