Update on Solids

Roo LOVES to eat!

We’ve started to give her finger snacks to help develop her fine motor skills.  She loves puffs like they’re going out of style.  I purchased Plum Organics at first but they were a little too hard for her to eat in the beginning because they didn’t dissolve in her mouth quickly enough.  So, I gave her the Gerber brand, which aren’t organic and have processed sugar in them.  But…they work.  I’m now working on teaching her to put only one or two in her mouth at a time.  She loves to grab a handful and shove as many as she can into her mouth at once.  It’s hysterical!

She also gets Organic Mum Mum crackers.  They are rice crackers and are so good.  I like to eat them myself.  They look like a miniature surf board and she can hold it and bite off pieces.  We’re working on taking a bite, chewing it and swallowing before biting more.  Again, hysterical.  She’s a big girl now!

I’m still making the majority of her baby food.  Since the last update, we’ve introduced:

  •  Organic Pears – baked and mashed
  • Plum Organic Mangos – easier to buy it prepared
  • Nature’s Best Organic Peas – want to try before I make the effort to make them myself
  • Nature’s Best Sweet Potatoes and Chicken – don’t want to attempt to make poultry unless someone can convince me it’s easy and worth it
  • Organic Butternut Squash – baked and mashed
  • YoBaby Vanilla Yogurt

I’ve also introduced cinnamon to her.  I put it in with her apples.  I need to get some ideas for other spices and when to use them.

I really enjoy making her food and can’t wait to start with more interesting combinations.  But, I might start to introduce her to some of our food.  I think she’s getting old enough as long as it is small enough for her to swallow without choking.  I love the idea of baby led weaning but I’m scared of it.  I wonder if I can incorporate some of it into our routine now.  I should do some more reading.

So, for now, she loves to eat and I love feeding her.  It’s one of our highlights of the day to watch her eat.  She still eats only two meals a day but I think the pediatrician will probably tell us to increase it soon.

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