Sleep and Surgery Woes

I can’t remember the last time I did a proper blog post.  It’s been too long.

So much has happened but I can’t remember much.  Daylight savings knocked it out of me.  Losing that one hour of sleep slayed me.  I have a hard time falling back to sleep after Roo wakes to nurse and so I’ve been having a very hard time this week getting back on track.  I’m so out of it.

She on the other had has done fairly well with the time transition.  At least one of us is good 🙂

The big news is that we went for her follow-up pediatric opthmalagist appointment and she needs to have surgery.  We were so hoping that would not come to be.  But, the patching and the glasses have not done the job well enough.  She still has a crossed eye and it is severe enough to warrant the surgery be done.  It is scheduled for March 29.  I’m anxious, for the most obvious reasons.  The surgery will be done at the same hospital where she was born.  I will keep you posted.

On a positive note, Roo has been making HUGE strides developmentally over the past few weeks with her glasses.  She was having a lot of difficulty rolling and since her glasses, she is a rolling machine.  She can roll across the room to get to me.  It is so cute!  She is also a super happy girl.  She smiles much more and is very social now.  She doesn’t shut down at our mommy group anymore.  It’s nice to see she’s interested in the other kids.  It makes me sad to know that she couldn’t see much before her glasses and patch.  I’m relieved that we have a solution!

She is also loving solid foods.  She has started to eat little snacks – we buy her organic “puffs” to pick up and eat.  She loves them and I’m having to teach her to put only one in her mouth at a time instead of shoving a handful in at once.  I have video that I will post when I get a chance.

Roo is also growing.  I can feel her weight has increased and she’s growing out of her six month clothes.  My little preemie is getting bigger!  She used to be tiny and now she’s becoming more “normal.”  It’s fun for us to watch her develop into her personality.  She’s a fiesty one!

Well, she’s up from her nap so I’d better run.  More later and I promise more updates in the coming weeks on some fun topics like what we’ve been feeding her and some of my favorite things for this age.


5 thoughts on “Sleep and Surgery Woes

  1. Aww, go Roo! She is doing great!! 😀
    So sorry hun about the surgery. You guys are doing the right thing though. It’s what’s best for her. I know it must be scary! I will be thinking of you and Roo as the time approaches. Hugs!

  2. HI! I’m an artist and i was looking for reference for babies with glasses for a project and found this post! I was inspired to do a drawing of your little cutie! I hope you like it, and more importantly, I hope she’s all better and can enjoy all the beautiful sights the world has in store for her! 🙂 She’s beautiful!

    Here’s the pic! 🙂

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