Update on Eyes

We have been to every possible pediatric opthomologist in the Seattle area, I exaggerate. A little. There are only a few and we’ve been to see the top three.

Two of them came up with two different diagnoses and treatment options and the last clarified and explained how and why this happened. We have a plan that we are comfortable with for now.

Doctor number one said that she has something called infantile esotropia in both eyes and is very farsighted. He says it is congenital, which means she was born with it. Both of her eyes cross (strabismus). His treatment recommendation is surgery as soon as possible. The earlier we treat it the better her eyes will develop. Makes sense, right?! Except we dive into the deep end right away with surgery, which frightens me.

Doctor number two says she is cross eyed because she is farsighted and therefore her left eye is crossed to help her see up close. He said that this type of strabismus is called accommodative because her eyes are compensating. His treatment recommendation is patching her right eye to help strengthen the left eye and then put her in glasses. Surgery is unnecessary.

Doctor number three said they are both possibly correct. He explained that almost no babies at her age have accommodative strabismus but it is possible because she is so farsighted – about twice the usual distance for a baby her age. However, because she is so farsighted that it could be accommodative since it is unusual at this age. He suspects that it is the congenital type and that surgery will be required but he said that patching plus glasses will help us to know for sure.

So, we are patching for a week (and we have been for already about two weeks) and when she gets her infant glasses we will continue to patch. Then in one month if her eyes have corrected than we do not have to do surgery. She will have to wear glasses until she grows out of the farsightedness, which would happen around 12-14 years old. If at the end of the month of wearing glasses she is still cross eyed than it will confirm it is a congenital issue and surgery will be performed.

Surgery means one of them going in and shortening the muscles that lead to her eyes to prevent them from crossing.

Keep your fingers crossed that her eyes uncross 😉

Below is a photo of our adorable pirate baby! Next week I will share a photo of our babe in cute, lavender glasses!!


5 thoughts on “Update on Eyes

  1. She is rockin that patch!! I was badly farsighted as a kid and outgrew it at 9 years old. She will be ok and she’s lucky she has such awesome patents to make sure she has the best care. I will keep you in my thoughts this next month!

  2. Roo is too cute! Her whole face shouts happy! The little “turtle lip” pose with her mouth is something I love to see in my own son. (Except now he is doing it with raspberrys sounds and spit. And it is still cute.)

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