A Love Letter to Roo: Seven Months Old

My darling Roo,

On Monday, you turned seven months old. It was an historic day with the presidential inauguration marking MLK Jr Day. You won’t remember it but I will and I will tell you about your first presidential inauguration. We watched it on TV together.

You also got the booster shot for the flu. You were a champ!

Your six month of life was a busy one. You grew a lot and made me so proud of you.

We celebrated your first Christmas holiday – everybody spoiled you! You had your first cold with a runny nose, fever and cough. I was so worried but you did awesome and we made it through without any major issues. You hate having your nose suctioned out. I don’t blame you. But I sure do live that blue hospital bulb!!

You also made some major strides the last weekend of your sixth month of life. You ate organic oatmeal baby cereal and actually seemed to like it. You drank out of a sippy straw cup. You also drank out of a real glass and loved that even more – now every time I drink out of a glass you want some of my drink. It’s so cute!

You also have started to sleep in your own bed. I’m writing this love letter 5 days late and 8 days into you sleeping in your own bed. It has been a relatively easy transition for you so far. It breaks my heart when you cry and I look at the monitor and you’re hanging onto the side of the crib looking for me but you fall asleep within 15-20 minutes and sleep well. I’m so proud!

You also cut your first two bottom teeth. I didn’t even notice that they were coming in until you bit me while nursing. You haven’t complained much that I can tell. I’m so excited because some of the full-term, older babies in our mommy group haven’t even gotten their teeth yet. (Not that we are comparing but still…)!

Your head and neck tilt are getting so much better and you’re working really hard with me to fix it. I know it isn’t fun to do your exercises but it is good for you.

Even though your first birthday is a few months away, I’m already thinking about it and planning. You are going to be an even bigger girl by then. I can’t wait to see what milestones you accomplish in the next month.

I love you my little bug!

Love always,


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