Starting Solids

At Roo’s six month appointment (adjusted age today is about 5 months), the pediatrician gave us the go ahead to start solid food slowly in a few weeks.  That was two weeks ago, so I’m getting ready to start her.  She is showing interest by watching me eat.  She doesn’t reach for food but she does reach when I drink out of my glass.  She is able to sit up with assistance but she definitely holds up her own head.

To prepare for starting solids, I am making some purchases to help out especially as I plan to make her baby food:

  • Spoons – I bought some silicone head spoons that were highly rated on Amazon.  She plays with them and seems to like them.
  • Zoli Sippy Cup with a straw – she loves it! I give her water that’s been boiled to be extra safe
  • Bowl – I have a cute one that was given to us as a gift
  • A steamer – I’m getting a metal one that I can use on the stove with one of my pots – I don’t want one that sits on the counter and I don’t like the idea of using the microwave even though I’ve heard that it is fine
  • I already own a blender and a food processor, so I am skipping the cute baby food makers
  • Bibs – I have some but they’re more for spitting up, so I’ll get a couple of bibs for eating
  • High chair – I have the one from my childhood but it won’t work until Roo is older so I think I will get an inexpensive one like the Ikea Antilop to use until she’s big enough for the other wooden one
  • I need to get a splat mat for the floor – we have hardwood floors in our kitchen and I don’t want to have to clean them every time she eats and makes a mess so a splat mat will be perfect
  • I’ve heard that silicone ice-cube trays are perfect for freezing homemade baby food – I just want to be sure that they’re BPA free
  • I was given a baby food cookbook which I’ve been reading already and I’m getting excited – Top 100 Baby Purees by Annabel Karmel

Am I forgetting anything?

I decided to start with oatmeal cereal since I’ve read and heard that rice cereal has traces of arsenic in it.  I’d prefer to skip it to be safe.  I purchased Plum Organics Oatmeal.  I’m super excited.

I’ve read the feeding a premature baby is a little more challenging than a full-term baby because of possible developmental delays but I think as she approaches seven months/5.5 months adjusted that the time is right to try.  Fingers crossed and I’ll share a photo when we do it for the first time!

Any suggestions on feeding Roo for the first time?

2 thoughts on “Starting Solids

  1. Hey that’s soo exciting! We waited till theo was 9 months because he showed little interest and I read on kellymom about delaying solids and how good it is for them. Because we waited till he was older we went straight into our food. No need to purée anything. We are following the baby led weaning and it’s working out wonderfully. I would say for you and roo if you do still want to purée make sure you add lots of spices and flavours. Babies (especially breast fed ones since our breastmilk changes flavour unlike formula) like bolder tastes and most baby food is quite bland. We have bowls and plates but theo never gets anywhere near them since they would head right the the floor. Instead I always let him play with the spoon. He tries to feed himself and the dog and mommy and daddy.

    Make sure you read up on the difference between choking and gagging. Most moms (me included) panic when they see their baby gagging but it’s actually a good thing, they know when there’s too much food or it’s to big and they gag it forward so they can spit it out of chew it more.

    Since we are raising theo vegan the other thing I did was get a liquid iron supplement for him. And I think it can be helpful for any baby as getting iron rich foods into them can be tough. He gets that and his vit D.

    Have fun and don’t stress. Theo in the beginning would some days just throw all the food on the floor or turn his head when I tried to help. I had to just let him do his own thing and eventually he came around. Now he’s a pig and eats everything and anything.

  2. Good luck! Such a big step…
    Our kids were beyond messy at the beginning…but it gets easier….
    And my little hippie heart has kind of been broken by the fact the kids MUCH prefer store-bought baby food to my homemade stuff…But I know Roo is going to LOVE your home cooking! 🙂

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