Nap Nanny Danger

The nap nanny, which has been my sleep lifesaver has been found to have caused five infant deaths when the baby falls out and gets caught between the nap nanny, crib and mattress.  The nap nanny chill, which we have has been the cause of one death.  The earlier version for the other four deaths.  A press release was issued stating the US Government is suing the maker of the product for negligent response to the deaths in alerting consumers about the dangers.

Sleep is an ongoing issue in our house and the only way we can get Roo to sleep on her own is in the nap nanny.  I either have it in her co-sleeper attached to our bed.  It fits perfectly inside without any gaps or between MH and I in our king size bed.  I feel like I would wake up if she fell out, which in the co-sleeper would be nearly impossible unless she launched herself with superhero strength.  Also, the nap nanny is wedged in so perfectly as if it were made to hold the nap nanny and it isn’t tipping over unless the entire co-sleeper tipped and it is attached to our bed so not sure how it would tip.  It could however tip when she is between us in our bed.  I think though that we would notice if that happened as her little body would land on one of us.  We are both light sleepers so I think we would wake up.

She takes her naps in my arms – argh!

I am taking time to carefully consider the dangers as I am already so paranoid.  Based on what I’ve described, what do you think?

I’ve been wanting to do a post on sleep, which is elusive these days, and I will soon!


8 thoughts on “Nap Nanny Danger

  1. ohhhh, i was just getting ready to buy one but they aren’t available on amazon anymore. I wonder if this is why! I just bought the rock and play instead so we’ll see if that helps our sleep issus any.

    I think given how well it fits in the co-sleeper and with is between you guys really is not much risk. I can’t imagine you wouldn’t wake up if she fell out of it in bed. I wake up with the slightest grunt, I can’t imagine completely falling out of that thing. It’s good that you’re aware of the risks but it sounds pretty safe given your circumstances 🙂

  2. It sounds like the biggest danger is from potential gaps, right? If you are informed and take precautions I say it’s your decision 🙂 it sounds like she’s sleeping right next to you anyway.

  3. I think if you really feel like she’s safe then use it. If even a small part of you is worried I would stop.

    Sleep is such a hard thing. Theo has been nursed to sleep almost every nap and bedtime for 10 months. After this last little while of him waking up every 40 mins (he was co sleeping in our bed) and had to be nursed back to sleep. I was losing it and resenting him. Just a couple nights ago we moved him into his own room after a lot of tears (mostly from me). We have an angel care video monitor, and we are working on getting him to sleep better.
    I wouldn’t have been able to do anything tho at Roos age now, I wanted to be sure he didn’t need to nurse still at night tho I do nurse him once a night.

    I’m thinking about you tho cause I know it’s hard.

  4. I think, after reading a lot more about it, that if you decide to continue using it, that’s perfectly justifiable. You’re a responsible parent who is taking reasonable precautions and sounds as certain as you can be of Roo’s safety.

  5. I think most recalls happen because of parents’ stupidity. Like bumbo recall due to kids falling off countertops and cracking their heads. I mean, what were those parents thinking, placing their kids on countertops in the first place?

    Or walkers being prohibited altogether in Canada due to them being the leading cause of fall-down-the-stairs cause. Well duh, soon enough baby will be walking and falling down the stairs just the same, if the parents aren’t looking!

    Judging by what you described, it seems to me that perhaps babies that were too old for the nap nanny might have fallen out. That are too agile, moving-crawling-rolling or whatever. I would say – go with your instinct!

  6. I say keep using it. I put baby on his belly to sleep… and lots of people would tell me that is dangerous and I shouldn’t do it, blah blah blah, he sleeps better that way. To each his own if you feel your baby is safe and you will wake up if she falls out then keep using it…I totally would if it’s the only way she’s sleeping. At some point sleeping in the arms is no longer the solution I discovered!!!

  7. So this may be an unpopular post…but usually the greatest barrier to peaceful sleep is a nervous mommy. Babies need to be taught to put themselves to sleep at some point – without a binky, boob, or someone’s arms. It’s a skill we need to teach them and the earlier they learn it the better.

    As a first time Mom myself, I totally understand the need to want the little one close by. If you need to take baby steps, why not put the crib in your room so you are steps away and you can slowly wean yourself off of her?

    Getting to the point of having a baby sleep on their own can be torture – for both them and us. But, it is so much better for them (and you) if they learn the skill sooner than later. It makes you a happier, better mommy as well.

    Not criticizing…just trying to add to the conversation.

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