A Love Letter to Roo: Five Months

Dear Roo,

This letter is more than a week late because we have been so busy.  You turned 5 months old the day before your first Thanksgiving!  I will probably say this every time but I can’t believe how fast time has flown.

In the last weeks you have made some huge growth milestones including rolling from your belly to your back and giggling at your little stuffed friends on your mobile and car seat.  You have such a fun personality that gets more pronounced each day.  When you are awake with a dry diaper and a full belly, you love to smile so wide and laugh!  It is so much fun.

You have started to give me baby kisses after I kiss your big, chubby cheeks.  You love to kiss your mama.  You also love to touch our faces.  Sometimes, you grab a little too hard but it gives us the chance to teach you about being gentle.  You are learning.

This month was huge because you started sleeping in your own bed next to ours every night.  You find your way into sleeping with mama after nursing in the middle of the night but at least you sleep a nice chunk of time on your own.  We are slowly trying to encourage your sleep independence.  It will take some time but that is ok.

This month you also moved out of 0-3 month clothes into 3-6 month clothes.  We were sad to put away some of or favorite outfits but I think we can find some new favorites again!  It is fun to put you into cute clothes and show you off to your grandparents on Skype or Facetime.   I think you remember them or at least you recognize their voices, which is really nice.

This month included some other firsts: Halloween and Thanksgiving.  I can’t wait until you remember these holidays for yourself.  In the meantime, I’m enjoying them for you.

I love you, my little Roo.  You are the light of my life.

Love always,


3 thoughts on “A Love Letter to Roo: Five Months

  1. Such a sweet letter! I love the idea of writing a monthly letter to your baby. I’m sure she’ll treasure these someday…as will you! 🙂 Happy five months!


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