Sometimes You’ve Gotta Do What You’ve Gotta Do

When I registered and purchased items for Roo, I did a ton of research to find the safest, healthiest items for her. I wanted organic, ergonomic items that would be good for her and the planet.

I wanted to be a baby wearing mama. Then she was born early and I didn’t get the chance to try to wear her until she was older. I had heard that the Er.go was one of the best carriers because it was ergonomic ally safe for baby and parent. Well, she hated it. She screamed her head off when we put her in it. So, I bought the wrap. She hated that too. Same thing.

I sucked it up. I had always heard the baby b.jorn was an option that babies loved but people cautioned against because it isn’t ergonomically correct for the baby and can cause back problems for the parent. But, with my parents leaving, I had to find a baby wearing option. So, I broke down and bought it. The very first day it arrived, I put baby Roo into it. Like the others, she screamed when I put her into it. But then suddenly all was quiet. She had fallen asleep! I pinched myself because I could hardly believe it.

One of us has put her in it at least once a day and it has turned out to be my carrier of choice. I haven’t had any back issues yet but she is still very light. And, it is too early to know if she has any issues with her hips. But she is happy and so am I!!

I will try the others again later but so far so good! It’s another lesson in learning that this baby will make some of the decisions for me!! I need to give up that control and do what I need to do to survive parenthood and not do what is necessarily what I thought was best 🙂

Is there anything you’ve thought was best for you and your little one only to learn that he or she thought differently?!

5 thoughts on “Sometimes You’ve Gotta Do What You’ve Gotta Do

  1. Bed sharing!!! I knew i wanted to room share but have him in his own crib. That didnt last long. He now sleeps in oir bed everynight. We moved the crib over to my side of the bed and took the rail off and i try anf put him in it after hes nursed to sleep but that only works about 15% of the time lol

  2. Not sure it was his decision but like I was telling you I’ve flipped about co-sleeping. I really didn’t want to And felt strongly about not co-sleeping because of the higher risk of SIDS. Then he was born and I live for the naps when he falls asleep on my chest and I doze off. We’re trying to figure out a safe way to co-sleep and I might get that nap nanny to put in between us. I’m very aware that all my plans are out the window and I have to reassess everything as it comes up. 🙂

  3. I thought I would wear one baby and have the other in a snap n go when I went out. Then I did that one time and they both started melting down and I didn’t have any way to pu one down and pick up the other (or soothe them both at the same time). So now I am only using that combo for short trips and for longer trips it’s worth lugging out the enormous double stroller. Oh well!

  4. Great to hear you found a carrier that works for you. We have a Snugli (original from the 70s) that I just love! It is comfortable for me and our boy falls asleep in it quite often.

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