A Love Letter to Roo: Four Months

My dear baby Roo,

On Sunday you turned four months old! I cannot believe it – yet I can because during the last two weeks you have flourished and turned into a new little baby!

The biggest change is your smile. As a new baby when we brought you home and in the following weeks, it seemed that all you did was eat, poop, sleep and scream! It slowly has evolved into less sleep but still screaming. The last two weeks you have been awake and alert and you smile! The screaming is less and less. Yes, you actually smile at us! A big, huge, wide smile. A smile so big that your eyes close when you grin at us! I love your smile and I try to make you smile as often as possible when you are awake.

You also have found your voice. You adore laughing in your own way with a tiny little giggle. The things that make you laugh are silly songs and dancing with me. You have three new friends – a Halloween witch given to you by daddy’s friend, an orange monster given to you by your Grandparents and a monkey puppet, given to you by Grand (your grandfather who doesn’t want to be called grandpa). Any of these three friends brings a smile and a giggle to your face. You light up when one pops into your line of sight. It’s so cute!

You love music. So we play you music often. You enjoy two different kids music toys that play different kids sings like Old McDonald Had a Farm but you also love it when I turn on satellite radio and we dance to whatever song comes on like Katy Perry or other dance tunes. You also like to chill out to Mozart and Bach. Daddy makes sure you enjoy some old school rap too. You will be a well rounded music lover!

You suddenly don’t scream your head off in the car seat. I used to be afraid to drive anywhere more than 10-15 minutes away without someone else in the backseat because you would cry and carry on as if someone were taking away your favorite toy. You were always ok once we got there but it was hard on me. Now we can go places and you sometimes don’t make a peep out of the back seat except a little coo or giggle from looking at one of your toys.

You and I are finally getting the hang of this mommy and baby thing. Your grandparents have moved onto their own lives again. We both miss them terribly and loved having them here for the greater part of the last four months. But, it was time for mommy to fly on her own and daddy was very patient having his in-laws here for four months.

We are doing great and have introduced a helper named Denise to our family. You like her but aren’t entirely sure about her when it comes to spending time with her when mommy is close by. I think that will change and you will grow to love her! I do 🙂

I’m so proud of both of us. We have grown so much. You are the light of my life. Being your mom is the hardest job title I will ever hold but it is becoming the most rewarding especially as you give me more and more smiles and coos!

I love you baby Roo!

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