typing with one hand as my needy baby won’t nap without me holding her,  my parents are away this week for a break and are actually starting to transition away.  they will be fully gone and i will be completely on my own (with mh) by mid-october. i’m excited and terrified at the same time.

one of the biggest and best parts of them being here is to hold her at night. she spits up so often and through her nose that i hate for her to sleep on her back. my dad snuggles her at night from 1-6am. it is amazing. in preparation for their departure, i bought the n.ap na.nny, which is like an infant recliner with safety straps. it was recalled in 2009 voluntarily but the version i purchased was not included in that recall.

i used it last night for the first time and IT CHANGED MY LIFE! i hope it works again tonight. i put her in it around midnight after her 11pm feeding.  she slept in it until 4:30am!!!!! after that feeding, i put her back in it and she slept for another three hours.

i knew that i had to get something to help us out because holding her all day and all night is NOT an option and i feel very nervous about co-sleeping, which i’ve been doing some too. i needed a “life-preserver” and this just might be it! this could be the answer and a start to a routine that i hope to start implementing. my friend, sandy, introduced me to a sleep training program called moms on call and she swears by it. it must work because her 9 month old is an awesome sleeper with a great routine.

today, roo is three months old (adjusted age 6 weeks). i think i can start to think about introducing a sleep routine to ease into sleep training. it will be good for all parties involved especially me 🙂

when did you start sleep training your baby?

4 thoughts on “life-preserver

  1. Good luck with the upcoming transition and with sleep training! Hope it goes well for you! We’re just over the past month or so starting to sleep train, although we’re still not very strict about it. Not sure I would recommend our approach. (Our kids are 6 months and still not sleeping through the night.) Also we have a unique situation in that my husband is job hunting and so is able to stay up with the babies a lot of nights…if he were off to work every morning and I were responsible for the night shift there would definitely be some more aggressive efforts to try and get some sort of schedule down.
    Let us know how it goes…

  2. We love our Nap Nannies! Our boys also suffer from reflux and these beds have been a real life saver! We are just now transitioning to their cribs because they are unwittingly trying to wiggle out now in the night (boys are almost 6 months – 4 months adjusted). I hope the bed continues to work well for you too!

  3. 3 months sounds good for more sleep training…. but 6 weeks adjusted is a LOT younger esp with reflux. Sounds like Nap Nanny is a good first step, and above all find a way for you to nap during days too. When you are at home someone to hold and rock your miracle so you nap is a wonderful help. I think babies learn more about sleeping when their bodies are ready and before that it is frustrating to everyone involved. At 6 weeks adjusted it is quite reasonable to want to be held and rocked and to feel Not Alone!
    Good wishes, and much respect because you are doing awesome.

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