Results Are In

Thursdays ultrasound was fairly uneventful.  The hardest part was because Roo needed an empty stomach for the u/s, she wasn’t allowed to eat for 3 hours prior to the procedure.  That made for an angry and sad baby.  She sobbed the entire ultrasound.  It was funny (and cool) to see the inside of her body.  It looked nothing like I’ve seen before even with the number of ultrasounds I’d had when I was pregnant.

Next up was the blood work.  I felt so bad for my little one.  She was unhappy but I don’t blame her.  As soon as I was able to nurse her, she calmed down instantly.

Luckily, the doctor called the next day and said everything looked great!  Roo has no internal hemangiomas.  We will go back in five weeks to see the dermatologist as a part of monitoring the external ones but all looks good for her internally.

Thanks to you all for the prayers and good thoughts!



6 thoughts on “Results Are In

  1. So glad to hear all is well!! And so sorry for the misery little Roo had to endure.
    Zoey has a hemangioma on her leg, and Luke has an internal one you can see under the skin of his chest. We haven’t seen a dermatologist, though. Our pediatrician said Zoey’s should fade over time…no one seems too concerned about them.

  2. How can she be so big already! Wow, time does move on. So glad to read it wasn’t internal. Haven’t heard of this before, she’s a real trooper. And very adorable.

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