Hospital Bag

I’m a total control freak. As soon as I hit the third trimester, I started to think about packing my hospital bag.

I researched and read checklist after checklist to see what I should bring with me. I started to order items that I didn’t already have at home and then my water broke and I found myself in the hospital with nothing at all from home! After being there for two weeks before Roo was born, I ended up with quite a lot of stuff but hardly any of it was even remotely close to what I would have packed in my hospital bag!

If I were to pack my bag today, I would bring the following items with me:

Lip balm
Outfit to bring home the baby in (two of them in different sizes because you don’t know for sure how large or small your newborn will be when leaving hospital)
Change of clothes as if you were 6 months pregnant – something comfortable, I wore my yoga pants and a t-shirt
Hair ties
Shampoo and conditioner
Pillow with a colored case
Phone charger

The rest I was given by the hospital. I ordered slippers to wear but the hospital had these awesome non-skid socks that I wore the whole time and if they got dirty, they gave me a new pair! I also wore hospital pajamas. They were not attractive but I didn’t want to soil my own clothes! They also provided me with both sanitary pads and mesh panties that were lifesavers for post-partum bleeding. Mine from home would not have cut it at first!

That iPod playlist I was so worried about?! Labor happened so fast for me that I never would have used it.

As for things for the baby once he or she arrives? I recommend letting the hospital dress your baby until its time to go home. They will provide a pacifier, if you want one. They will provide diapers and wipes – cotton and water! They will provide a blanket! If you are formula feeding, they will even provide all of those things too! Just bring a couple of different sized outfits to bring your little one home in. We only brought one and it was too big for her, so she wore the tiny preemie one the nicu nurse had dressed her in that morning.

So, I guess my advice is to keep it simple. After being in hospital for two weeks, we left with a lot of crap. Our car was full and we didn’t even get to leave with our baby. So, keep it simple. You’ll want to just focus on your little bundle of joy and not worry about lugging a bunch of crap to and from your car! Chances are the hospital can provide it for you!

Have fun bringing home your little one 🙂

2 thoughts on “Hospital Bag

  1. I completely agree with keeping it simple! I didn’t use half of what I brought, especially labour aids (massage tools etc). I was in so much pain and hubby was so busy comforting me neither of us thought to use anything we brought and after my epidural all we did was rest.

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