Birth plans and birthing classes

I had started to think about a birth plan and was excited for our upcoming birthing class when my water broke early in the morning 8 weeks before my due date. When we got to the hospital and I thought I might have to deliver that morning, I was terrified because I didn’t know what to expect for labor and delivery. My awesome nurse that morning reassured me that she would walk me through the process as it happened and to not worry. I didn’t deliver that morning but did two weeks later and I had no more concrete knowledge on June 21 than I did on June 7.

The truth is though that I didn’t need the knowledge. Somehow or other my body did what it needed to do. My labor and delivery nurse on June 21 was amazing and walked me through everything I needed to know and do and while Roo’s birth wasn’t the experience I dreamed about, it was totally fine.

I think that if we had taken the classes and I had come up with a plan that I would have mentally prepared myself for something and would have been very disappointed.

I learned a valuable lesson that things don’t work out how you plan them to and it is ok. Ha!! It’s a lesson I’ve been learning throughout his entire experience. From my miscarriage to our infertility struggles to our surprise natural pregnancy to my water breaking early and now in dealing with a preemie.

I’m glad that the my birth plan was chosen for me. It removed one less burden for me to worry about. My one piece of advice for expectant mothers is to let go of your plan. Your body is going to react to labor in ways you cannot predict. Go with the labor flow and make your decisions as it happens. It’s nearly impossible to plan for something so out of your control!! Never in my life would I have planned for an epidural but it was the best darn decision I made for myself that day and I don’t regret it at all đŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Birth plans and birthing classes

  1. This was such a cool post to read…I always thought birth plans were really important and I went into labor a month early and didn’t have one and always wished that I had (although like you everything about the birth was not how I would have planned, but just right.)
    Interesting, my brother’s new girlfriend is a L&D nurse, and she told me that the women with birth plans tend to have a harder time and end up more disappointed in general than women who come in and just go with the flow.

  2. I went in with a vision as opposed to a plan, but wasn’t disappointed in the least with how things went down! I promised myself ahead of time I wouldn’t beat myself up if I caved and got an epidural (which I totally did…best decision ever!! My hubby was like ‘we can try natural next time’…HA! As if.).
    It’s true though that the whole ‘ignorance is bliss’ aspect of not having a plan is refreshing. By not overly planning I was able to relax and just let things happen!
    I’m so glad you’re feeling good about your experience. Too many women agonize over their births.

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