One Month of Cloth Diapering

We are now one month into our cloth diaper adventure. It hasn’t gone so smoothly I must admit. Mostly because Roo has an immature GI tract (as a result of being born so early) and so she poops a lot more than a normal infant and developed a diaper rash that didn’t go away with the rash cream that could be used with cloth diapers. We had to go with the big guns, Desitin, which clears it right up.

That said, we had to use my favorite kind of disposable diapers, Pam.pers Swadd.lers. While her rash was clearing up, she was growing rapidly and the stash of newborn cloth diapers were too small. I loved them for the week that we used them though!

So, it was back to the drawing board. I discovered that I really dislike the inexpensive Green Moun.tain flats because it is too much work. I also really like the Rumpa.rooz but they are too small for my chubby preemie 🙂

The Best Bo.ttoms that I bought don’t fit her yet as she is still a little too tiny for all in one sized diapers but I think I’ll like those. I also purchased two BumG.enius AIOs with six inserts. They arrived on Friday and I can’t wait to prep them. I don’t know if they’ll fit her yet either.

My biggest and most exciting purchase that surprised me are my g.Diaper purchase. I bought six coves along with the disposable inserts, cloth inserts and extra liners. I’ve been using them for a day now and I love them! I love that I can use either disposable or cloth. I love that wet only disposable inserts can be composted and the dirty ones can be flushed or put into a compost bag into the garbage.

They have multiple steps to them but once a system is in place they are super easy to use. I like them so much that they just might be my number one choice of diaper! I’m surprised because there are a lot of people who don’t like them.

Once I try the other two types of diapers, I’ll let you know hat I think of those too!

3 thoughts on “One Month of Cloth Diapering

  1. Sounds like you’re finding out what works for you! Chloe is really tiny (she just broke the 7th percentile for weight at her 4 month check up (this is after starting at like .2 or something lol), but I *LOVE* the BG one sizes on her. They’re still big, but they do the trick. I’m interested in knowing what you think of the AIOs. I’m thinking of trying them…

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