The Great Breast Pump Search is Over

As you may remember, I agonized over what kind of breast pump I should get. I found a previously owned but never opened pump but never had the game to pick it up because my water broke. After having Roo, because she was so early, I had to use a hospital grade pump to help my supply come in.

Once my supply had been established and I was given permission to exclusively breast feed, I returned to hospital pump. But before I returned it, I needed to decide if I wanted to have another pump available to me and if I did, what would I get: a manual, an electric, a single or a double.

Like all of my stuff, I did a lot of research again. I decided the cost differential between a single and a double was worth the extra for a double in the event that I do go back to work. I also decided it was worth the expense to purchase an electric over a manual pump. However, I knew that it wouldn’t be used very frequently so I choose a less expensive pump to fit my infrequent pump needs: the Ame.da Purely Yours Double Pump.

I’m pleased so far. I’ve used it only twice when I had engorgement problems. The pump worked perfectly!!

I’m quite used to the power of the hospital grade pump so it is incomparable to that but it does the job and in glad I didn’t spend the extra $100 or so for the more popular Med.ela in Style.

2 thoughts on “The Great Breast Pump Search is Over

  1. The only thing I’ve heard about the medela vs ameda is that the medela has some kind of valve thing that prevents breastmilk from backing up into the tubes and makes it easier to clean..? I don’t know. The lactation consultant who ran the breastfeeding class I went to mentioned it. But then again, you can always wash the tubing, and you’re not going to share the pump anyway.

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