Vitamins – Yuck!

Do all babies take vitamins or just premature babies?

Everyday Roo gets a small bottle of her preemie formula along with some vitamins. She hates the taste of them and makes the funniest but cutest faces when we give them to her. I hate giving them to her because she spits half up almost immediately after eating them.

I understand how important vitamins are for adults so I know how important they are for babies too. But, I admit that I don’t make her eat them everyday. I don’t want to torture her…just tickle torture! Bad mommy đŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “Vitamins – Yuck!

  1. We had the same issue with Keltie so we split it into 3 bottles vs giving it all at once. You could try that. I assume you’re giving her Vit D and Iron or a Poly vi sol with iron – the vitamins are SUPER important but the iron component is even more important. Preemies are prone to anemia and need the iron. I really suggest getting them in her each day.

  2. Abby always loved her vitamins, although they smelled horrible! So nice to be on chewables now. Maybe Roo’s doctor could suggest a different brand to see if she’ll take those better?

  3. I have never given theo vitimins. To he’s supposed to get vitimins d drops and I’m awful at giving those to him :/ breastmilk offers babies everything they need

  4. Sylvia is supposed to get just a vitamin d supplement—i just use the dropper directly into her mouth. Strangely she loves it! She smacks her lips and smiles after. It’s an enfamil brand. When she’s 4 months we’re supposed to switch to one with iron, so we’ll see. When she was in the Nicue she got vitamins with breast milk in a bottle. She always finished it but I didn’t get the sense she loved that one as much. Too bad Roo hates them so much!

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