Baby’s Got a Temper

I’ve got so many posts in my head but I’m so tired I can hardly think straight. Life is getting easier in some ways and in some much harder.

It’s easier because I’m more comfortable as a mom. Also because Roo feels like a newborn and not a preemie anymore. At her two month appointment last week, she weighed in at 9 lbs 5 oz or something. She’s a solid baby not a delicate little thing anymore.

Harder because she is awake more and she has a temper. If she is unhappy about anything she makes it clear to us. She doesn’t like a dirty diaper. She must eat when she is hungry, which is all the time. She hates to be put down for more than five minutes. She is a demanding baby. I’m not surprised.

I wonder if it is personality or if it’s because she’s a preemie. She is a needy kid.

I’m embarrassed to admit that she still doesn’t sleep in her bed on her own. Ever. She sleeps in someone’s arms all the time. Either I hold her or MH holds her or my dad (my parents are still here) holds her. I’m still nervous about this spitting up when she sleeps and she is so darn noisy. I know I need to let go and trust that she won’t choke. A lot of babies spit up while laying on their backs in their cribs and are perfectly fine. I need to get over it. And the noise?! I just need to get used to it. MH can sleep through anything so it doesn’t bother him. I have to let go for my own sanity.

My excuse is that even though she is chronologically 9 weeks old, her adjusted age is only 3 weeks old. Am I using that excuse as a crutch? Someone talk some sense into me!!

Otherwise, things are way better. Nursing and milk supply are great – other than wanting to nurse constantly. I went to a mom’s group today and really loved it! The babies varied in age and it was reassuring to learn that some of the older babies found their thumbs, fingers around 3 months of age and they stopped relying in the boob for comfort. That is a relief!

I’m so excited for those of you who recently gave birth, are getting ready for birth and those who just are starting your pregnancy journeys! I can’t comment or read as easily because I do my posting from my phone these days. I’m thinking, cheering and celebrating you in my heart and mind!!

6 thoughts on “Baby’s Got a Temper

  1. My kid spits up like nobody’s business and he sleeps on his back just fine. He’s only a month old and sleeps in our bed but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve woken up to him and me lying in a little pool of spitup. They just turn their heads and everything sort of flows freely out of their mouths, he rarely chokes unless he’s actually on the boob. I understand the worry but try not to worry about that one particular issue, I don’t think she’ll choke on her own spit up =)

  2. Roo sounds just like Baby G! When he wants something he wants it NOW! Food, toys, attention, it doesn’t matter. I have had to learn his non-verbal and act on them pretty quick because there isn’t really an inbetween with him.

    He is also a noisy sleeper. I slept on the couch the first two months because he’d shreek in his sleep and Hubby snored. Then we moved his crib into the living room so I only had to deal with Hubbys snoring. Now G has his own room and I love it. I do need to get a monitor though because I am terrified of SIDs.(I’m worried I am overly paranoid about it — I have a post in my head for that and I have not had the time to write anything profound lately!)

    I agree that some things are getting better as G is getting older. I look back and wonder why I was so nervous about changing diapers — it’s like second nature now 🙂

  3. My baby boy hates dirty diaper and need to eat asap!!! He sleeps on his own but likes to be carried in arms a lot as well ( he sleep longer in arms) I spoil him a lot 😀 I know he won’t be this little for long.
    He will be 3months in 2wks and still nurses a lot, even though now he has found his fingers and hands to suck on. He needs to be stimulated a lot, else he gets bored. On his own he plays, but for 10mins max.
    He is hyperactive, hardly sleeps in the day.

  4. Not easy, sounds like.
    And I just wanted to tell you, Zoey is JUST starting to sleep in her crib alone at 5 1/2 months, and Luke’s not there yet. Before the crib (and still now with Luke) it was some combination of swing, Moses basket right next to us, in our arms, in our bed, etc. I was worried about all of these things making it impossible for them to transition to the crib but it’s been a pretty easy transition. I figured we’d get there when we were ready, and we are. My reasons for them not sleeping alone were a little different, but just wanted to say 2 months is so young and totally do whatever makes you feel comfortable.
    Also, I’m jealous of the mom’s group…sounds so cool. Been waiting to do anything like that until we move, and my husband is still job hunting…

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