Thank goodness for cabbage and football

Seriously, thank goodness for cabbage leaves and the football hold. Both of those were lifesavers this weekend.

On Friday night the relief I finally got was from cold cabbage leaves placed on my affected boob and then pumping a little before putting Roo to my breast using the football hold. Those three things finally gave me the sweet relief I was needing.

It was wonderful! Then on Saturday afternoon my other boob became engorged. Immediately, I went to the fridge for the cabbage leaves, pumped a bit off and had Roo nurse using the football hold. Again, relief within two feeding sessions.

She has been cluster feeding. A. LOT. I can’t wait until this growth spurt ends because I think that is contributing to my engorgement problems. I also stopped taking the fenugreek since clearly my supply concerns are no longer valid!!

This experience has taught me a good lesson: this too shall pass and as bad as it gets, it will get better so I just need to hang in there. Breast feeding is probably one of the top two hardest parts of motherhood so far. I certainly wasn’t expecting it to be so hard even though people warned me.

Hope that you all are having a great weekend!!


7 thoughts on “Thank goodness for cabbage and football

  1. The beginning of breastfeeding is hard especially if you had to pump and transition to the breast. Right around 6 months it got easy for us…for others it is sooner. Now we are 2 and a half years in great. Survive this hard time it is so worth it.

  2. Glad you are getting things sorted out. The problems I’ve had are different but I agree breastfeeding is sooooo hard. It’s great that you are persevering!

  3. The powers that be really should talk more about the difficulties of breastfeeding. Good for you for hanging in there. I think that because they wrap it up with a pretty little bow, many women feel alone in their struggle and quit prematurely. If we had a more realistic view of what it’s like in the beginning, I’m willing to bet more would be prepared and stick it out.

    It does get easier. Now, over three months in for me, and I rarely think about quitting. Such a difference from the beginning months.

    Keep it up, mama!

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