Rough Day: feel like giving up on nursing

My left breast is terribly engorged and I’ve done everything recommended to fix it (hot compress, massage, hot shower). It hurts so much and she is cluster feeding every two hours and is constantly hungry because she only can get milk from one side.

I’ve taken ibuprofen but it hasn’t helped. I can’t even hold her because my boob hurts so much.

I’m beside myself and I’m in pain. I feel like giving up and just quit breast feeding but I won’t yet.

Any suggestions?

13 thoughts on “Rough Day: feel like giving up on nursing

  1. Awww!! Your doing great mama. Hang in there. I struggled with engorgement a lot and geo had a hard time latching. The only thing I could do was pump just a little off so he had an easier time latching.
    I thought I would always be pumping since I was in pain if I didn’t but at about 4 months it calmed down and and I only had to pump maybe 2-3 times a week and now I don’t pump at all.
    You can do it. Your body is still tying to adjust to milk production and sone people take longer to adjust (me and obviously you)
    Just know that bf is soooooooooo easy now and I’m thankful I stuck it out. I had my share of issues (which includes mastitis) but it will all pass and soon you’ll be feeding her and realizing it was so long ago you had any issues!!!
    Good luck!

  2. That sounds awful, I’m so sorry!! Can you call that lactation consultant you spoke with a while back? Maybe they’ll have other ideas… hot shower and hand expressing is the only thing I’ve really heard about. Hope you find relief asap!!

    • Thanks! I did end up calling but it was after hours so I have to wait until this weekend for a call back from whoever is on call. We’ll see what she says. I should schedule another appointment now that I’m exclusively breast feeding. Thanks!

  3. I’ve always heard the best solution is the baby. Get that baby on that uncomfortable boob as much as you can! I know it sounds painful but baby is supposed to help!

  4. Same issue! Changing him to the football / twin hold really helped… The clinic sister told me find a position where his chin points to the non draining area. For me it was sides / armpits that were worst. Also try hand expressing under a hot shower before the feed and expressing just enough to ease discomfort after the feed. And of course chilled / frozen cabbage leaves. They smell gross, but they do help!!!

      • I was just about to suggest cabbage leaves! Not that I have experience with it but the lactation consultant who did the breastfeeding class I went to said she highly, highly recommends cabbage leaves (as well as pumping off some of the excess when you get that engorged). Good luck 😦

  5. And you were worried you didn’t have enough milk! Let me just echo others: it gets better, it gets better, it gets better. Breastfeeding is hard! No one tells you that. In the first three months, I considered giving up daily. Sometimes more often than that. I don’t know if you stopped pumping cold turkey but if that’s what you did, that’s why you feel the way you do. You have to wean yourself off the pump. Start by pumping as often as you were before but shorten the sessions for a couple days. Then shorten a little more and gradually start eliminating sessions altogether. I started with the nights first because those were the sessions I hated the most. It takes a little time. Definitely call your lactation consultant.

    Hang in there, mama. It truly does get easier and you’ll be glad you stuck it out.

      • I also agree with the other commenter. Put her on that breast if you can. It won’t hurt for long and you’ll feel so much better. And, its much less painful than mastitis or losing your milk on that side! Both os which can happen if uou don’t get some out. My left was super engorged last night because my little guy is going longer between feedings, especially at night. It was so sore I didn’t want to sit up and deal with gravity. I put him on when he woke up and oh the relief. Still a little sore this morning but one more time with him should take care of it. Hope you get some relief soon!

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