A Letter to My Full-Term Roo

Dear Baby Roo,

Today is the day that you are full term! You decided to arrive a little more than six weeks early. Since your arrival, you have brought us such an amazing amount of joy and shown me that I have a love for you that I never imagined I could hold for one tiny little girl.

The day you were born, our lives changed for the better. It has been a ride that I could not wish for anyone but one that makes you even more special in our eyes.

When you were first born and in the NICU, you barely opened your eyes and now 6 weeks and 2 days later you have started to light up when I or your Papa come over to you and you see us! You don’t quite smile yet and I know that it might be delayed but I just feel that a smile is just around the corner for you. I selfishly want your first real smile to be for me but I also would be happy if it were for your Papa!

You weighed 3 pounds 14 ounces when you were born and were 16 inches long. We go to your pediatrician next Tuesday to see how much you’ve grown. Grandma thinks you are up to 8 pounds and I wouldn’t be surprised if you were or close to given what a voracious eater you are these days!

Eating for you is not a problem. You love to eat and especially at night when cluster feeding is your favorite thing to do! You haven’t quite figured out the difference between night and day, so we will work on that together. I love nursing you and feeling a connection that no one else will get to experience. Nursing you makes me feel truly like your Mama!

It is surreal to me that you have already been in our lives for a month and a half and I’m amazed at how much has changed for you especially in the past few days. As you become more and more alert. I think I’m going to love being with you even more. I’ve been singing songs to you and soon we can start to read the books that mommy and daddy’s friends and family have been sending you.

I love you Madeleine! You are the light of my life and I can’t wait to spend our life growing together and getting to know each other!


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