Cloth Diapering: Stash Purchased!

Today I purchased the rest of our cloth diaper stash.  It seems a little extreme but I never had a chance to slowly build our stash.  Before my antepartum stay at the hospital, I had ordered and received about 12 cloth diapers because I came across a couple of sales.  Those diapers were a mix of Grovia and Lil’ Joeys Rumparooz all-in-ones – in newborn sizes.

Today I purchased:

Pre-folds: 6 orange (newborn size) with two Bummis Super Snap covers – I want to see if I can handle “real” cloth diapers of yesteryear.  These are very inexpensive and if I like them I’ll get a lot more when I move up to the next size and maybe fewer of the more expensive kind.  I purchased these on Green Mountain Diaper

BumGenius All-in-One Newborn: four of these purchased from Kelly’s Closet (with snaps)

Best Bottoms Hybrids: three covers (with snaps) plus 9 stay-dry inserts from Nicki’s Diapers.  I like these because I can also use a disposable insert if I want for when I’m out of the house (I understand that I can use either the Flip or the GDiaper disposable inserts with these diapers)

That brings me to a total of 31 diaper changes before I run out completely, which will never happen.  CDing mamas: is this enough?  In total, I’ve spent about $330 to date.

All of these are newborn sized (except Best Bottoms, which are small) with the thought in mind that Roo will be small for a while and should be able to fit into these for until she is around 6 or 7 months old (especially since she is a preemie) and I’ll figure which of these different diapers or combination of diapers that I like best so I can better purchase the next size around 🙂

I am now looking into how to prep my diapers and get ready to use them as Roo approaches 7 pounds, when most of these will start to fit her!

Any advice on prepping my cloth diapers is appreciated!  I am a little confused and perplexed by choosing the right detergent.

I can’t wait to share more about my experience with you!



4 thoughts on “Cloth Diapering: Stash Purchased!

  1. I shouldn’t even go into my stash…
    Let’s just say its in the 60s….

    You have more than enough. Prepping is easy. Separate covers from inserts and microfiber from natural (bamboo, hemp cotton) covers and microfiber only need to be washed once just to get them clean. Natural inserts need to be washed 4-6 times before use. I used detergent the first rinse and didnt bother drying them in between.

    I use A.llen’s naturally liquid detergent. It’s the best in my opinion. Very clean no chemicals. I also use it for all my laundry and his clothes. You can use rock n green but it wasn’t my favorite. If your not worried about chemicals lots of people use plain t.ide (I’m not a fan personally)

    With your prefolds use a piece of fleece (cut up a blanket into strips) to put between her bum and the prefold. It will keep her dry so no bum rashes.

    Obviously no diaper rash cream. Use a cloth safe one if needed or coconut oil works awesome

    Let me know if you have more questions

  2. I wanted to try cloth diapering but it isn’t feasible for us 😦 We don’t have a washer/dryer in our apartment, so it is cost prohibitive. I even looked into a service and it still costs more than disposables.

    Good luck!!

  3. ohhh so exciting!! I registered for 15 bumGenius one size fits all, and 9 x-small (fits 4-12 lbs) FuzziBunz covers with inserts. From what I’ve read on other CDing blogs is that they go through approximately 10-12 a day so as long as you’re good with doing laundry ever day and a half, 15 should be good. With 31 you’ll definitely get through 2 or maybe even 3 days without doing laundry. I can’t wait to hear how you like the difference brands!

    For detergent I’m going to try Charlie’s which I read about a couple times on other blogs. It’s strange how incredibly excited I am about cloth diapering and will LOVE to read anything about it! xoxo

  4. I love my BG’s all in ones! I use original Tide and I have also used Rockin’ Green. Both seem to work as long as I soak, wash, and rinse.

    Hubby hates the cloth, but I love not having to buy diapers every 1.5 weeks. We do use sposies at night because Baby G started sleeping really well before we attempted CDing. I didn’t want to rock the boat because he seems to know when he’s wet sooner in cloth.

    We have a cloth diaper store about 30 minutes from us and OMG I could spend all my time and money there… they have free shipping (which has been a plus for me) and are great about answering questions if you have any:

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