Safe Zone: Pumping bustier (updated)

Just gotta say it: I invested in a hands free pumping bustier and am currently using it as I listen to fireworks going off. It is the BEST investment for nursing yet!

If you plan to pump a lot, I can’t recommend it more. I can’t remember the brand but it isn’t the m.edela one. I’ll try to remember to include the link sometime soon. If I forget and you want it, remind me in the comments.

Since Roo isn’t able to nurse more than once or twice a day right now I am pumping a lot and to have my hands free is awesome!!! I can blog šŸ˜‰

I would totally tweet about this but I’m not sure the general public would get as excited about this as some of you might šŸ™‚

ETA: name of bustier is Simple Wishes and it was purchased from

4 thoughts on “Safe Zone: Pumping bustier (updated)

  1. Oh I remember those days….. i’m pretty big chested and had to pump for my premie also…. she wouldn’t latch on till after she was 4 months old and I pumped until 7 months and bf till 9 months…. I never bought a bra to make it easier but learned how to prop everything just right for it…. and because I only got 2 chances to pump at work I would pump onto the way to and from work in the car I got to where I could set myself up before I left the drive way then drive wherever I needed to go and get my pumping done one the way but it sure sucked when I would be full and near the end hit a bump and end up with a wet spot from it sloshing around and coming out a little…. I’m so glad Roo got to come home so soon… Congrats and take a breath it does get easier….

  2. I’ve seen those things! It’s totally on my wish list. Although I imagine really feeling like a cow being milked while wearing one hahaha

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